Bandung Raya F.C. (1987-1997)

Not to be confused with Pelita Bandung Raya.
Bandung Raya FC
Full name Bandung Raya Football Club
Nickname(s) Maung Totol Jawa (The Java Leopard)
Founded 17 June 1987
Ground Siliwangi Stadium
Owner Ari D. Sutedi
Chairman Ari D. Sutedi
League Liga Indonesia Premier Division
1996–1997 Runner-up
Not to be confused with Bandung Metropolitan Area, which may be called Bandung Raya.

Bandung Raya (en: Greater Bandung) is an Indonesian professional association football club from Bandung. The club was founded on 17 June 1987. It played in Galatama until the formation of the Liga Indonesia Premier Division in 1994, playing in that division until the club was dissolved in 1997 owing to financial difficulties. It was then re-established in 2010 by Ari D. Sutedi.


Bandung Raya was founded in Bandung on 17 June 1987.[1][2] It competed in Galatama until 1994 when the Football Association of Indonesia merged the two top-tier leagues (Galatama and Perserikatan) into Liga Indonesia Premier Division. While Bandung Raya mostly ended in mid-table positions in Galatama, its best performances were manifested in the Liga Indonesia Premier Division, in which the club won once and finished as runner-up once.[3]

In 1994–95, Bandung Raya finished third in the West Division and advanced to the quarterfinals, which were played as a group stage. The team finished third and did not advance to the semifinals. Bandung Raya's striker Peri Sandria was the league's top goalscorer, with 34 goals in 37 matches.[4]

In the 1995–96 Liga Indonesia Premier Division, Bandung Raya won its Conference and advanced to the quarterfinals, finishing at the top of its group. Bandung Raya secured the championship by beating Mitra Surabaya in a penalty shoot-out in the semifinals and PSM Makassar 2–0 in the finals. The club's striker, Dejan Gluscevic, was the league's top goalscorer with 30 goals in 33 matches.[5]

The following year Bandung Raya was runner-up in the 1996–97 Liga Indonesia Premier Division, after losing 1–3 against Persebaya Surabaya in the finals. Bandung Raya's defender Nuralim was named as the league's best player of the season.[6] This was the club's last match, as it was dissolved at the end of the season due to financial difficulties.[7][8] Most of the players moved to Persija Jakarta.[9]

Bandung Raya competed in the Asian Cup Winners Cup in 1996–97, reaching the second round by beating Malaysian club Pahang FA 5–1 on aggregate. Bandung Raya was eliminated after losing 1–5 on aggregate against South China AA from Hong Kong.[10]

It has been suggested that Bandung FC, founded in 2010, is a reborn Bandung Raya, but that is denied by both clubs.[11][7]

In 2012, Ari D. Sutedi, the club owner, acquired 100% ownership of Indonesia Super League (ISL) club Pelita Jaya.[12] Instead of merging, both clubs maintain their existences.



National competition

Continental competition


Bandung Raya played their home matches at Siliwangi Stadium, which has a capacity of 20,000 seats. The club shared the stadium with its local rival Persib Bandung.[7]


Bandung Raya's supporters were mostly from Bandung. The club had fewer supporters than its local rival, Persib Bandung.[7]


Notable coach's

Year Manager
1994–1995 Indonesia Nandar Iskandar
1995–1996 Netherlands Henk Wullems
1996–1997 Netherlands Albert Fafie
2012– England Simon McMenemy

Bold is winning manager of Indonesian League


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