Asian Cup Winners' Cup

Asian Cup Winners' Cup
Founded 1990–91
Abolished 2001–02
Region Asia (AFC)
Most successful club(s) Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal
Japan Yokohama Marinos
(2 titles each)

The Asian Cup Winners' Cup was an association football competition run by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). The competition was started in 1991 as a tournament for all the domestic cup winners from countries affiliated to the AFC. The winners of the Cup Winners Cup used to contest the Asian Super Cup against the winners of the Asian Champions' Cup. The most successful clubs in the competition are Al Hilal from Saudi Arabia and Nissan FC from Japan.

The competition merged with the Asian Champions Cup in 2002–03 to become the AFC Cup.


Season Winner Score Runner-up
1990–91 Iran Persepolis 1 – 0
Bahrain Muharraq
1991–92 Japan Nissan FC 6 – 1
Saudi Arabia Al-Nassr
1992–93 Japan Yokohama Marinos 2 – 1
Iran Persepolis
1993–94 Saudi Arabia Al-Qadisiya 6 – 2
Hong Kong South China
1994–95 Japan Yokohama Flügels
2 – 1
United Arab Emirates Al-Shaab
1995 Japan Bellmare Hiratsuka 2 – 1 Iraq Al-Talaba
1996–97 Saudi Arabia Al Hilal 3 – 1 Japan Nagoya Grampus Eight
1997–98 Saudi Arabia Al-Nassr 1 – 0 South Korea Suwon Samsung Bluewings
1998–99 Saudi Arabia Al-Ittihad 3 – 2
South Korea Chunnam Dragons
1999–2000 Japan Shimizu S-Pulse 1 – 0 Iraq Al-Zawraa
2000–01 Saudi Arabia Al-Shabab 4 – 2 China Dalian Shide
2001–02 Saudi Arabia Al Hilal 2 – 1
South Korea Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors

Asian Cup Winners Cup records and statistics

The following table lists countries by number of winners and runner-up in Asian Cup Winners Cup.

By Nation

# Nation Winners Runners-up
1 Saudi Arabia61
2 Japan51
3 Iran11
4 South Korea03
5 Iraq02
6 Bahrain01
6 China01
6 Hong Kong01
6 United Arab Emirates01

By Club

The following table lists Clubs by number of winners and runner-up in Asian Cup Winners Cup.

Team Winners Runners-Up Years Won Years Lost
Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal20(1996–97, 2001–02)
Japan Yokohama F. Marinos120(1991–92, 1992–93)
Iran Persepolis11(1990–91) (1992–93)
Saudi Arabia Al Nassr11(1997–98)(1991–92)
Saudi Arabia Al-Qadisiyah10(1993–94)
Japan Yokohama Flügels210(1994–95)
Japan Shonan Bellmare10(1995)
Saudi Arabia Al-Ittihad10(1998–99)
Japan Shimizu S-Pulse10(1999-00)
Saudi Arabia Al Shabab10(2000–01)
Bahrain Muharraq01(1990–91)
Hong Kong South China01(1993–94)
United Arab Emirates Al-Shaab01(1994–95)
Iraq Al-Talaba01(1995–96)
Japan Nagoya Grampus Eight01(1996–97)
South Korea Suwon Samsung Bluewings01(1997–98)
South Korea Chunnam Dragons01(1998–99)
Iraq Al-Zawra'a01(1999-00)
China Dalian Shide01(2000–01)
South Korea Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors01(2001–02)

1 including Nissan FC.
2 Yokohama Flügels was merged with Yokohama Marinos to Yokohama F. Marinos in 1999.

Winning coaches

The following table lists the winning coaches of the Asian Cup Winners Cup.

1991 Iran Persepolis FC Iran Ali Parvin
1992 Japan Yokohama Marinos Japan Hidehiko Shimizu
1993 Japan Yokohama Marinos Japan Hidehiko Shimizu
1994 Saudi Arabia Al-Qadisiyah Czech Republic Dr. Ján Pivarník
1995 Japan Yokohama Flugels Japan Bunji Kimura
1996 Japan Shonan Bellmare Japan Shigeharu Ueki
1997 Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal Ryad Croatia Mirko Josic
1998 Saudi Arabia Al-Nassr Ryad France Jean Fernandez
1999 Saudi Arabia Al-Ittihad Serbia Dimitrije Davidovic
2000 Japan Shimizu S-Pulse England Steve Perryman
2001 Saudi Arabia Al-Shabab Ryad Brazil CARLINHOS
2002 Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal Ryad Colombia Francisco Maturana

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