Education Minister of Denmark

Minister of Education of Denmark (Danish: Undervisningsminister, pronounced [ˈɔnɐˌʋiːˀsneŋsmiˌnisd̥ɐ]) is a Danish minister office currently held by Ellen Trane Nørby representing the party (Venstre).

The office was created in 1916 when the post Kultus Minister was split up into the posts of Education Minister and Church Minister. The new Church Minister also took over the responsibility for culture from the Culture Minister, a task later transferred to the Minister for Cultural Affairs in 1961. Upon the accession of the Thorning-Schmidt I Cabinet on 3 October 2011 the title was changed from Minister of Education to Minister of Children and Education and on 9 August 2013 the title was changed back to Minister of Education.

List of Ministers for Education


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