Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani

Mir Syed Ali bin Shahab-ud-Din Hamadani (Persian: میر سید علی ابن شہاب الدین ہمدانی; 1314–1384) was a Persian Sūfī of the Kubrāwī order, a poet and a prominent Shafi'i Muslim scholar.[1][2] He was born on Monday, 12th Rajab 714 AH (1314 A.C) in Hamadan[3] and died in 786 AH/1384 in Kunar,Hazara Division,KPK Province of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and was buried in Khatlan.[4] He was very influential in spreading Islam in Kashmir and has had a huge influence on the culture of the Kashmir valley.[5] He was also known as "Shāh Hamadhān" ("King of Hamadhān", Iran) and as Amīr-i Kabīr ("the Great Commander"). He wrote several short works on spirituality and Sufism. He had a lot of influence on the works of his contemporary in Kashmir, the female Śaiva poet Lallēśvārī.




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