Mowbray Herald Extraordinary

Mowbray Herald of Arms Extraordinary was an English officer of arms. Though an officer of the crown, Mowbray Herald Extraordinary was not a member of the corporation of the College of Arms in London. Sir William le Neve appears to have been appointed to the office from 29 June 1624 until his appointment as York Herald the following year.[1] The office was recreated in January 1695 for Robert Plot, who was made Registrar of the College of Heralds just two days later,[2] and was subsequently held by Joseph Edmondson.

Holders of the office

Term of Office Name
June 1623 18 December 1623 John Borough, Esq.
June 1624 ? William Le Neve, Esq.
24 June 1677 1679 or 80 Francis Burghill, Esq.
2 February 1694 or 95 30 April 1696 Robert Plot, Esq.
? 14 November 1712 Richard Fryth, Esq.
? 7 August 1749 John Dugdale, Esq.
March 1764 17 February 1786 Joseph Edmondson, Esq.

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