Screenshot of PotPlayer 1.5.34321
Original author(s) Kang Yong-Huee
Developer(s) Kakao
Stable release Windows: 1.6.63840 (October 28, 2016 (2016-10-28)) [±]
Development status Active
Operating system Windows XP SP3 and later
Size 19.7 MB (32 bit) 20.5 MB (64 bit)
Available in English, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Serbian, Hungarian, German, Bulgarian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Persian
Type Media player
License Freeware
Website potplayer.daum.net

PotPlayer is a multimedia software player developed for the Microsoft Windows operating system by South Korean Internet company Kakao (formerly Daum Communications).

The player competes against other popular media players available for the Windows operating system such as VLC media player, KMPlayer, SMPlayer and Media Player Classic. PotPlayer's reception has been positive with reviewers complimenting the program's very high number of settings and customizations available[1] as well as its lightweight nature[1] and support for a large variety of formats.[2] Among its criticisms, reviewers also noted that its high number of settings is "one of its biggest weaknesses. It has a ton of different settings which unfortunately makes wading through the checkbox-laden settings menu kind of a pain"[1] and that the options menu is "confusing".[3]

PotPlayer contains a lot of built-in keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys. The keyboard shortcuts also are configured easily. PotPlayer supports various video and audio formats and has a clean interface.


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