Adobe Media Player

Adobe Media Player

Adobe Media Player 1.8 on Windows 7
Developer(s) Adobe Systems
Initial release 16 April 2007 (2007-04-16)[1]
Last release
1.8 / 17 May 2010 (2010-05-17)
Development status Discontinued
Operating system Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows
Platform Adobe AIR
Type Media player, Internet television, Media Aggregator
License Freeware

Adobe Media Player was a desktop media player that allowed users to manage and interact with their media content, and allowed content publishers to define branding and advertising in and around their content. The Adobe Media Player was one of the first Adobe AIR applications from Adobe Systems. It was announced at NAB show in Las Vegas and was released in April 2008.[1] It used DRM and enforces advertisement viewing, when watching videos both online and offline.

The player was designed to allow users to subscribe to webcasts from various providers to be either streamed or download for viewing offline. Adobe had signed CBS, PBS, MTV Networks, Universal Music Group, CondeNet, and Scripps Networks as partners. Adobe had planned to release other features to support various business models, such as the ability to rent videos.[2]

Adobe Media Player was discontinued on 16 September 2010.[3]

The player had been praised for its user-friendliness and compared to the internet TV service Joost.[4]


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