Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii

Lt. Governor of State of Hawaii
Shan Tsutsui

since December 27, 2012
Term length Four years, renewable once
Inaugural holder James Kealoha
Formation 1959
Website Office of the Lt. Governor
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The Lieutenant Governor of Hawaiʻi, concurrently the Secretary of State of Hawaiʻi, is the assistant chief executive of that U.S. state and its various agencies and departments, as provided in the Hawaiʻi State Constitution Article V, Sections 2 though 6. The Lieutenant Governor is elected by popular suffrage of residents of the state on the same ticket as the Governor of Hawaiʻi. The Lieutenant Governor becomes acting Governor upon the absence of the Governor from the state, or if the Governor becomes disabled from duty. Historically, Lieutenant Governors were members of either the Hawaiʻi Democratic Party or Hawaiʻi Republican Party.

Three Lieutenant Governors have gone on to become Governor of Hawaii: George Ariyoshi, Ben Cayetano, and John D. Waihee III.


The Lieutenant Governor of Hawaiʻi is limited to two four-year terms. Inauguration takes place on the first Monday in December following a gubernatorial election. A single term ends at noon four years later. The Lieutenant Governor must be thirty years old and be a resident of Hawaiʻi for five consecutive years previous to election. Unlike other states, the office of Lieutenant Governor of Hawaiʻi is a full-time position and requires that the Lieutenant Governor be barred from other professions or paid positions during the term.

List of lieutenant governors


  Democratic   Republican

# Image Lt. Governor Took Office Left Office Party Governor(s) served under
1 James Kealoha August 21, 1959 December 2, 1962 Republican William F. Quinn
2 William S. Richardson December 2, 1962 December 2, 1966 Democratic John A. Burns
3 Thomas Gill December 2, 1966 December 2, 1970 Democratic
4 George Ariyoshi December 2, 1970 December 2, 1974 Democratic
5 Nelson Doi December 2, 1974 December 2, 1978 Democratic George Ariyoshi
6 Jean King December 2, 1978 December 2, 1982 Democratic
7 John D. Waihee December 2, 1982 December 2, 1986 Democratic
8 Ben Cayetano December 2, 1986 December 2, 1994 Democratic John D. Waihee
9 Mazie Hirono December 2, 1994 December 2, 2002 Democratic Ben Cayetano
10 Duke Aiona December 4, 2002 December 6, 2010 Republican Linda Lingle
11 Brian Schatz December 6, 2010 December 26, 2012 Democratic Neil Abercrombie
12 Shan Tsutsui December 27, 2012 Incumbent Democratic  
  David Ige Neil Abercrombie

Living former U.S. Lieutenant Governors of Hawaii

As of May 2015, there are six former U.S. lieutenant governors of Hawaii who are currently living at this time, the oldest U.S. lieutenant governor of Hawaii being George Ariyoshi (served 1970–1974, born 1926). The most recent death of a former U.S. lieutenant governor of Hawaii was that of Nelson Doi (served 1974–1978, born 1922), who died on May 16, 2015. The most recently serving lieutenant governor to die was Jean King (1978-1982, born 1925) on November 24, 2013.

Lt. Governor Lt. Gubernatorial term Date of birth (and age)
George Ariyoshi 1970–1974 March 12, 1926
John D. Waihee III 1982–1986 May 19, 1946
Benjamin J. Cayetano 1986–1994 November 4, 1939
Mazie Hirono 1994–2002 November 3, 1947
Duke Aiona 2002–2010 June 8, 1955
Brian Schatz 2010–2012 October 20, 1972


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