Siege of Cassel (1762)

For other battles, see Battle of Cassel.
Siege of Cassel
Part of Seven Years' War

Siege plans
DateOctober – November 1762
LocationCassel, Germany
Result Allies occupy Cassel
Province of Hanover Hanover
 Great Britain
Commanders and leaders
Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick King Louis XV

The Siege of Cassel took place between October and November 1762, when an allied force of Hanoverian, Hessian and British troops under the command of the Duke of Brunswick besieged and captured the French-held town of Cassel. It was the final engagement of the Seven Years' War in Western Europe, as the conflict was brought to an end by the Peace of Paris (1763).

News of the town's capture arrived after the prelimaries of the peace treaty had been signed in Paris, so it did not have the dramatic impact that Brunswick had hoped for. It was acknowledged that the garrison's unexpectedly long resistance had allowed the French to negotiate from a much stronger position.[1]

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