Spitfire Records

Spitfire Records
Parent company Eagle Rock Entertainment
Founded 1998 (1998)
Founder Paul Bibeau
Status Inactive
Distributor(s) Eagle Rock Entertainment
Genre Heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal, doom metal, punk rock
Country of origin United States
Location New York City
Official website www.spitfirerecords.com

Spitfire Records was a subsidiary of Eagle Rock Entertainment located in New York City, United States.[1]

In September 1998, Paul Bibeau founded, launched and rapidly developed Spitfire Records Inc. from a two-man operation located in his home bedroom in suburban Long Island, New York, to one of the premier independent record labels worldwide. The label experienced consistent growth from start-up, Mr. Bibeau successfully negotiated a partnership with Eagle Rock Entertainment (Eagle Vision), a London, England-based audio and visual company.


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