The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar
اللؤلؤة قطر

Dusk in The Pearl
The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar

Coordinates: 25°22′7″N 51°33′7″E / 25.36861°N 51.55194°E / 25.36861; 51.55194Coordinates: 25°22′7″N 51°33′7″E / 25.36861°N 51.55194°E / 25.36861; 51.55194
Country Qatar
Municipality Doha
Population (2015)
  Total 12,000

The Pearl-Qatar (Arabic: اللؤلؤة قطر) in Doha, Qatar, is an artificial island spanning nearly four million square metres. It is the first land in Qatar to be available for freehold ownership by foreign nationals.[1] As of January 2015, there are 12,000 residents.[2]

Once fully completed, The Pearl will create over 32 kilometres of new coastline, for use as a residential estate with an expected 18,831 dwellings and 45,000 residents by 2018.[2] Developed by United Development Company and planned by architecture and design firm Callison, the island is located 350 metres offshore of Doha's West Bay Lagoon area.

In 2004, when the project was first revealed, the initial cost of constructing the island stood at $2.5 billion.[3] It is now believed the project will cost $15 billion upon completion.[4][5]


The name "The Pearl" was chosen because the island is being built on one of Qatar's previous major pearl diving sites. Qatar was one of the major pearl traders of Asia before the Japanese introduced cheaper more affordable pearls just before Qatar's oil boom. The Pearl Qatar will help represent Qatar's rich past in the pearl industry. Once completed The Pearl will resemble a string of pearls.

Residential development

The Pearl Qatar, when completed.

Residential development on the island is intended to incorporate various national and international themes, including aspects of Arabic, Mediterranean, and European culture. There are ten precincts that make up The Pearl-Qatar Island.

Porto Arabia Towers

Total number of towers will be 31 with a total of 4,700 apartments.[6] The address format is Unit 1234, 1 Porto Arabia. Some references use PA1 for convenience.

Tower Number Parcel Tower Name Developer Status
1 1[7] One UDC Complete
2 2A Two / Fardhan[8] UDC Complete
3 2B UDC In construction. Structure complete. Outside half complete.
4 3A California UDC In construction. Expected Summer 2013.[9]
5 3B Florida UDC In construction. Expected Summer 2013.[9]
6 4 UDC[10] Complete Summer 2009
7 5 UDC[11] Complete
8, 9, 10 6A,C,D Sabban Sabban[12] Complete
11 7A United[13] UDC Complete.
12 7B UDC In construction. Bare concrete structure complete.
13 8A The Land[11][14] In construction. Expected completion in 2013.
14 8B Tuscan The Land[11][14] Complete January 2011
15 9A Monaco The Land[11][14] In construction. Expected completion 2013.
16[15] 9B Tuscan / VIP[16] The Land[11][14] Complete September 2010
17 10A Monaco The Land[14] In construction. Outside almost complete.
18 10B Tuscan The Land[14] In construction. Outside almost complete.
19 11A La Riviera First Qatar[17] Complete
20 11B Monaco The Land[14] In construction. Outside almost complete.
21 12 Bare concrete structure complete.
22 13A UDC[18] Concrete structure almost complete (Feb 2013).
23 13B UDC Concrete structure almost complete (Feb 2013).
24 14A Denata / Denat Qatar Capital Investment / Asteco[19][20] Complete
25 14B[21] H.H.Shk.Srour Bui Mohamed Al Nahyan, Mr. Ali Ibrah Outside almost complete. Expected 2013
26 15A[21] H.H.Shk.Srour Bui Mohamed Al Nahyan, Mr. Ali Ibrah Outside almost complete. Expected 2013
27 15B The Land[22]Complete 2013. Awaiting opening
28 16A Jumana Salam Bounain[23] Complete 2011. Awaiting opening.
29 16B 29 Almost complete.
30 17 Burj Elegante Complete July 2012.[24]
31 18 31 UDC[11] Complete.

Viva Bahriya Towers

There will be 29 towers total. The address format is Unit 1234, 1 Viva Bahriya, with VB‑1 being the shorter, convenient version.

Tower Number Tower Name Developer Status
3[25] Imperial Ruby Durrat Al Doha / QIB[26] In construction
4[25] Imperial Diamond Durrat Al Doha / QIB[26] In construction
5[25] Imperial Amber Durrat Al Doha / QIB[26] In construction
6[27] Imperial Opal Durrat Al Doha / QIB[26] In construction
7[27] In construction
10 Bilal Pearl Suites AHB[28] Complete December 2011[29]
11 Imperial UDC[22]
12[30] The Land
13 The Land
14 The Land
15 The Land
16 The Land
17 Imperial UDC[22]
18 Asteco[31] Complete Autumn 2011
19 Crystal[32]
20 Turquoise[33]
21[34] Imperial Emerald Durrat Al Doha[26] In construction
22 VB22 Qatar Coral[35] In construction. Expected June 2013.
23 VB23 Qatar Coral[35] In construction. Expected June 2013.
26 UDC In construction
27 UDC In construction
28 UDC[36] In construction
29 Costa del Sol UDC[37] Complete May 2011[38]

Qanat Quartier

Qanat Quartier

The Pearl Qatar's "Venice-like community" has an extensive canal system, pedestrian-friendly squares and plazas and beachfront townhouses. The first residents started to live in Qanat Quartier in 2012.[39] When complete there will be:[40]

Abraj Quartier

This precinct is located by the entrance of The Pearl Qatar, and will have 7 towers[42] including the tallest buildings planned for the development, at 40 storeys high.[43]

Tower Number Tower Name Developer Status
1 AQ01 UDC To be completed by 2016
2 AQ02 UDC To be completed by 2016

Commercial attractions

The Pearl Lagoon

There will be more than 13 islands when construction is completed. The largest of the islands will feature a range of luxury villas, apartments, three five-star hotels and over two million square meters of international retail, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment facilities. Eight other private islands will be for sale to private owners with the opportunity to build upon them whatever they wish.

The Central Authority Directorate (TCAD), which provides services like property registration and residency permits, opened on 3 December 2011.[44]


The Pearl-Qatar is home to a wide selection of dining outlets covering the full range of cuisines from South American to French/Lebanese through to casual options such as Alison Nelson's Coffee Bar. Time Out Doha Awards 2012: Midori, the Japanese restaurant in Porto Arabia, took out Best Newcomer in the awards. Pampano, also operated by Hospitality Development Company (HDC), a fully owned subsidiary of United Development Company (UDC), the master developer of The Pearl-Qatar, received the "Highly Commended" certificate in the Best South American category.[45]

Porto Arabia Restaurants:[46][47]

Restaurant Name Cuisine Location Status
Al Tabkha Palestinian/Lebanese 18 La Croisette Open (Feb 2013)
Anima Gallery & Lounge International 30 La Croisette Open
BiCE Ristorante Italian 1 La Croisette Open
Burj Al Hamam Palestinian/Lebanese[48] 1 La Croisette Open (Feb 2013)
Carluccio's[49] Italian 18 La Croisette[50] Open (Feb 2013)
Dalloyau French, Tea Room 6 La Croisette Open
Elevation Burger American 3 La Croisette Opened in November 2012[51][52]
Just Burger American 19 La Croisette Opened in January 2013[53]
Le Relais de l'Entrecôte French 1 La Croisette
Les Deux Magots French Closed in 2012 following the alcohol ban.
Liza Lebanese 4 La Croisette Open
Maze by Gordon Ramsay Contemporary French Closed June 2012 (due to the alcohol ban introduced in December 2011).[54]
Wafi Gourmet Lebanese 18 La Croisette Opening soon
Zaatar w Zeit Lebanese Opening soon
Shakespeare English Open
Nando's South African Medina Centrale Open
Megu[55] Japanese 6 La Croisette Open
Junko Japanese 12 La Croisette Closed due to health related issues[56]
The Noodle House Asian: Thai, Malaysian 10 La Croisette Open
Pampano Mexican, Latin 1 La Croisette Open
Patagonia Argentinian, Steak 31 La Croisette Opened April 2013[57]
Quisine by Guy Savoy[58] Fine Dining 6 La Croisette Opened in November 2012[59]
Royal Tandoor Indian[60] 20 La Croisette Opened November 2012[61]
Sormani Italian with French influence 1 La Croisette Open
Tse Yang Chinese 6 La Croisette Open (Feb 2013)

The Pearl Qatar is also home to a number of cafés, lounges, bakeries and confectioneries:

Name Description Location Status
Armani Caffe Café 7 La Croisette Open
Bread Basket Bakery, Pastry, Deli 1 La Croisette Open
Caffè Vergnano 1882[62] Café 10 La Croisette Open
Cake and Bake Cake shop 13 La Croisette Open
Caribou Coffee Café 12 La Croisette Opened January 2013[63]
Chocolate Bar (Alison Nelson) Café 1 La Croisette Open
Coffee Time Café Boardwalk
Costa Coffee Café 16 La Croisette Open
Foshy Berry Frozen Yoghurt 12 La Croisette
The Frozen Yogurt Factory Frozen Yoghurt 18 La Croisette Open
Gold Gourmet Chocolate store 1 La Croisette
Haagen Dazs Ice cream 6 La Croisette Open
La Crêperie Pain de France Crêpes 7 La Croisette
Lemon Grass Café 10 La Croisette Open
Marble Slab Creamery Ice cream 12 La Croisette Open
Second Cup Café 4 La Croisette Open
Stickhouse Ice cream 16 La Croisette Open


Boats at the Pearl

The island is home to many renowned luxury brands.

Car showrooms

Real estate



Beach resort

Nikki Beach Resort and Spa will be located at the end of Porto Arabia. The original completion date was scheduled for July 2012, but construction was stopped due to an alcohol ban. As of December 2013 no progress had been made.

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