The Saint Olav Drama

Spelet om Heilag Olav, 2003
Pål Christian Eggen acting as king Olaf II of Norway in The Saint Olav Drama at Stiklestad 2014.

Saint Olav Drama (Norwegian: Spelet om Heilag Olav) is an outdoor theatre performance played every end of July in Stiklestad in Verdal, Norway.[1]

The play commemorates the Battle of Stiklestad which resulted in death of King Olaf II of Norway. In the aftermath of his death, King Olaf would later be canonized as Saint Olaf (Heilag Olav), patron saint of Norway. The play explores the transition process between traditional pagan customs and the introduction of Christianity into Norway.[2][3]

The play draws on historic events mentioned in Heimskringla written by Snorri Sturlson. The play features other historical Norwegian figures, including Rögnvald Brusason and Thorir Hund.[4]

Saint Olav Drama was written by Olav Gullvåg, with music composed by Paul Okkenhaug (1908-1975). It has been staged every year since 1954.[5] Among featured directors have been Norwegian stage producer Stein Winge.[6]

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