Tour of Austria

Tour of Austria
Race details
Date Early July
Region Austria
Local name(s) Internationale Österreich Rundfahrt (German)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage race
First edition 1949 (1949)
Editions 68 (as of 2016)
First winner  Richard Menapace (AUT)
Most wins  Wolfgang Steinmayr (AUT) (4 wins)
Most recent  Jan Hirt (CZE)
The 60th Tour of Austria in 2008
Victory podium at the 2009 Tour of Austria
Riccardo Riccò, winner at the 2010 Tour of Austria

The Tour of Austria (German: Internationale Österreich Rundfahrt) is a stage cycling race held in Austria. From 1949 to 1995 it was a race for amateur cyclists, turning into a professional event in 1996. In 2005 and 2006 it was organised as a 2.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour, becoming a 2.HC event in 2007. Since 2005 it has usually been held in July. Before that, it was seen as an ideal preparation race for the Tour de France.


Rider Team
1949 Austria Menapace, RichardRichard Menapace (AUT)
1950 Austria Menapace, RichardRichard Menapace (AUT)
1951 Austria Deutsch, FranzFranz Deutsch (AUT)
1952 Austria Deutsch, FranzFranz Deutsch (AUT)
1953 Luxembourg Gelhausen, FrancisFrancis Gelhausen (LUX)
1954 Austria Christian, AdolfAdolf Christian (AUT)
1955 Sweden Nordvall, LasseLasse Nordvall (SWE)
1956 Sweden Strohm, RolandRoland Ströhm (SWE)
1957 Sweden Goransson, GunnarGunnar Göransson (SWE)
1958 Austria Durlacher, RichardRichard Durlacher (AUT)
1959 Austria Mascha, StefanStefan Mascha (AUT)
1960 Netherlands Lotz, ReneRené Lotz (NED)
1961 Austria Mascha, StefanStefan Mascha (AUT)
1962 Austria Muller, WalterWalter Müller (AUT)
1963 Netherlands Pieterse, JanJan Pieterse (NED)
1964 Luxembourg Schutz, EdyEdy Schütz (LUX)
1965 Austria Furian, HansHans Furian (AUT)
1966 Austria Furian, HansHans Furian (AUT)
1967 Netherlands Wagtmans, RiniRini Wagtmans (NED)
1968 Netherlands Krekels, JanJan Krekels (NED)
1969 Netherlands Koning, Matthijs deMatthijs de Koning (NED)
1970 Austria Mitteregger, RudolfRudolf Mitteregger (AUT)
1971 Austria Humenberger, RomanRoman Humenberger (AUT)
1972 Austria Steinmayr, WolfgangWolfgang Steinmayr (AUT)
1973 Austria Steinmayr, WolfgangWolfgang Steinmayr (AUT)
1974 Austria Mitteregger, RudolfRudolf Mitteregger (AUT)
1975 Austria Steinmayr, WolfgangWolfgang Steinmayr (AUT)
1976 Austria Steinmayr, WolfgangWolfgang Steinmayr (AUT)
1977 Austria Mitteregger, RudolfRudolf Mitteregger (AUT)
1978 Norway Wilmann, JosteinJostein Wilmann (NOR)
1979 Austria Spindler, HerbertHerbert Spindler (AUT)
1980 Norway Digerud, GeirGeir Digerud (NOR)
1981 Austria Zadrobilek, GerhardGerhard Zadrobilek (AUT)
1982 Austria Wechselberger, HelmutHelmut Wechselberger (AUT)
1983 Austria Zellhofer, KurtKurt Zellhofer (AUT)
1984 Switzerland Maurer, StefanStefan Maurer (SUI)
1985 East Germany Jentzsch, OlafOlaf Jentzsch (DDR)
1986 Austria Wechselberger, HelmutHelmut Wechselberger (AUT)
1987 Soviet Union Konychev, DimitriDimitri Konychev (URS)
1988 Austria Hauer, DietmarDietmar Hauer (AUT)
1989 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Bonca, ValterValter Bonca (YUG)
1990 Austria Hauer, DietmarDietmar Hauer (AUT)
1991 Czechoslovakia Kreuziger, RomanRoman Kreuziger (TCH)
1992 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Bonca, ValterValter Bonca (YUG)
1993 Austria Totschnig, GeorgGeorg Totschnig (AUT)
1994 Austria Morscher, HaraldHarald Morscher (AUT)
1995 Norway Kjaergaard, SteffenSteffen Kjærgaard (NOR)
1996 Belgium Vandenbroucke, FrankFrank Vandenbroucke (BEL) Mapei–GB
1997 Italy Nardello, DanieleDaniele Nardello (ITA) Mapei–GB
1998 Switzerland Zberg, BeatBeat Zberg (SUI) Rabobank
1999 Italy Vandelli, MaurizioMaurizio Vandelli (ITA) Stabil Graz
2000 Austria Totschnig, GeorgGeorg Totschnig (AUT) Team Telekom
2001 Australia Evans, CadelCadel Evans (AUS) Saeco Macchine per Caffè
2002 Austria Glomser, GerritGerrit Glomser (AUT) Saeco Macchine per Caffè–Longoni Sport
2003 Austria Glomser, GerritGerrit Glomser (AUT) Saeco Macchine per Caffè
2004 Australia Evans, CadelCadel Evans (AUS) T-Mobile Team
2005 Spain Mercado, Juan MiguelJuan Miguel Mercado (ESP) Quick-Step–Innergetic
2006 United States Danielson, TomTom Danielson (USA) Discovery Channel
2007 Belgium Devolder, StijnStijn Devolder (BEL) Discovery Channel
2008 Austria Rohregger, ThomasThomas Rohregger (AUT) Elk Haus-Simplon
2009 Switzerland Albasini, MichaelMichael Albasini (SUI) Team Columbia–HTC
2010 Italy Riccò, RiccardoRiccardo Riccò (ITA) Ceramica Flaminia
2011 Sweden Kessiakoff, FredrikFredrik Kessiakoff (SWE) Astana
2012 Denmark Fuglsang, JakobJakob Fuglsang (DEN) RadioShack–Nissan
2013 Austria Zoidl, RiccardoRiccardo Zoidl (AUT) Gourmetfein–Simplon
2014 United Kingdom Kennaugh, PeterPeter Kennaugh (GBR) Team Sky
2015 Spain de la Parte, VictorVictor de la Parte (ESP) Team Vorarlberg
2016 Czech Republic Hirt, JanJan Hirt (CZE) CCC–Sprandi–Polkowice
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