A boat on the Meuse in Waulsort
Coordinates: 50°12′0″N 04°41′0″E / 50.20000°N 4.68333°E / 50.20000; 4.68333Coordinates: 50°12′0″N 04°41′0″E / 50.20000°N 4.68333°E / 50.20000; 4.68333
Municipality Hastière
Area code(s) 082

Waulsort is a settlement in the Belgian Walloon municipality of Hastière, province of Namur.

Until the reorganisation of the Municipalities of Belgium 1977, Waulsort was a municipality in its own right.


The Benedictine Waulsort Abbey was founded here in 846. It was dissolved in 1793, during the French Revolution. It was chiefly known as the owner, from the 10th century until its dissolution, of the Lothar Crystal.


The Barrage at Waulsort

Waulsort is on the River Meuse and is the location of a weir with a by-pass lock. 50°12′00″N 4°49′11″E / 50.199983°N 4.819689°E / 50.199983; 4.819689

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