Çeşme Castle

Çeşme Castle
İzmir Province, Turkey

Çaşme Castle from the west
Çeşme Castle
Coordinates 38°19′25″N 26°18′13″E / 38.3236°N 26.3036°E / 38.3236; 26.3036Coordinates: 38°19′25″N 26°18′13″E / 38.3236°N 26.3036°E / 38.3236; 26.3036
Type Fortress
Site information
Open to
the public
Condition Main room still standing.
Site history
Built by Ottoman Empire
Demolished Mostly standing
Battles/wars Çeşme Battle
Çeşme Castle from the North

Çeşme Castle is a historic castle in Çeşme, Turkey


The castle is located in Çeşme, an ilçe (district) of İzmir Province at 38°19′25″N 26°18′13″E / 38.3236°N 26.3036°E / 38.3236; 26.3036. Its distance to İzmir is 35 kilometres (22 mi).[1] Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Paşa Monument is in front of the castle and Çeşme Museum is a situated in the castle.[2]


During the Growth of the Ottoman Empire, Çeşme was attacked twice by the Venetians in 1472 and in 1501.[3] The castle was built as a precaution against further attacks. It was built in 1508 during the reign of the Ottoman sultan Bayezit II. Its commissioner was Mir Haydar, the governor of Aidin Vilayet.[4] It was originally a seaside castle. But because of the alluvial deposits it is now slightly inland.

Castle and the activities

The rectangular plan castle has moats on three sides six bastions. It is used as a festival center. Both Çeşme International Music festival and and Çeşme festival are held in the castle.[2]


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