Hebilli Castle

Hebilli Castle
Mersin Province, Turkey

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Hebilli Castle
Coordinates 36°55′27″N 34°40′07″E / 36.9241667°N 34.6686111°E / 36.9241667; 34.6686111
Type Castle
Site information
Open to
the public
Condition Ruined
Site history
Built by Caliphate
Demolished Most of it

Hebilli Castle is a ruined castle in Mersin Province, Turkey


The castle ruin is situated in Hebilli village which is now a suburb of Mersin at 36°55′27″N 34°40′07″E / 36.92417°N 34.66861°E / 36.92417; 34.66861. Its distance to Mersin city center is 18 kilometres (11 mi).


The castle was built by an Arabic commander named Kalah Habellieh in the 7th century. The name of the castle, as well as the village, refers to its commissioner.

The building

The two-storey castle is a small castle with outer dimensions 14 m × 20 m (46 ft × 66 ft). It was probably an observation castle. The outer walls were made of face stone while the inner walls were of rubble stone.[1]


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