Yelbiz Castle

Yelbiz Castle
Yelbiz Kalesi
Tekedüz village, Bozyazı, Mersin Province, Turkey
Yelbiz Castle
Coordinates 36°08′41″N 33°00′50″E / 36.1447222°N 33.0138889°E / 36.1447222; 33.0138889
Type Fortress
Site information
Open to
the public
Condition Mostly demolished
Site history
Built by Byzantine Empire (?)
Materials Stone

Yelbiz Castle (Turkish: Yelbiz Kalesi, literally "Spider Castle") is a castle ruin in Mersin Province, Turkey.

The castle is in Bozyazı ilçe (district) of Mersin Province at about 36°08′41″N 33°00′50″E / 36.14472°N 33.01389°E / 36.14472; 33.01389. It is situated on a 600 m (2,000 ft) hill to the north east of Bozyazı.[1][2] Visitors follow the road from Tekedüzü village to west in the dense forestry. There is no road in the last 350 m (1,150 ft) of the course. Its distance to Bozyazı is 8 km (5.0 mi) and to Mersin is 207 km (129 mi).

Within the castle, which is mostly in ruins, there is a monastery with two wide halls, a part of a basilica and a courtyard. There are remains of mosaics with geometric design in the monastery. The windows are round arch type. There are two cisterns and two towers of about 6–7 m (20–23 ft) height in the west of the castle.[3][2]


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