1998 Pulitzer Prize

A listing of the Pulitzer Prize award winners for 1998:


Public ServiceGrand Forks Herald (N.D.)" ... for its sustained and informative coverage, vividly illustrated with photographs, that helped hold its community together in the wake of flooding, a blizzard and a fire that devastated much of the city, including the newspaper plant itself..."
Beat ReportingLinda Greenhouse of The New York Times" ... for her consistently illuminating coverage of the United States Supreme Court..."
Spot News PhotographyMartha Rial of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette" ... for her life-affirming portraits of survivors of the conflicts in Rwanda and Burundi."
Breaking News ReportingStaff of the Los Angeles Times" ... for its comprehensive coverage of a botched bank robbery and subsequent police shoot-out in North Hollywood, Los Angeles."
CommentaryMike McAlary of the New York Daily News" ... for reporting on the brutalization of a Haitian immigrant by police officers at a Brooklyn stationhouse."
CriticismMichiko Kakutani of The New York Times" ... for her passionate, intelligent writing on books and contemporary literature."
Editorial CartooningStephen P. Breen of Asbury Park Press (Neptune City, New Jersey)
Editorial WritingBernard L. Stein of The Riverdale Press, a New York City weekly journal" ... for his gracefully-written editorials on politics and other issues affecting New York City residents."
Explanatory ReportingPaul Salopek of the Chicago Tribune" ... for his enlightening profile of the Human Genome Diversity Project, which seeks to chart the genetic relationship among all people."
Feature PhotographyClarence Williams of the Los Angeles Times" ... for his powerful images documenting the plight of young children with parents addicted to alcohol and drugs."
Feature WritingThomas French of the St. Petersburg Times" ... for his detailed and compassionate narrative portrait of a mother and two daughters slain on a Florida vacation, and the three-year investigation into their murders and eventual capture of Oba Chandler."
International ReportingStaff of The New York Times" ... for its revealing series that profiled the corrosive effects of drug corruption in Mexico.
Investigative ReportingGary Cohn and Will Englund of The Baltimore Sun" ... for their compelling series on the international shipbreaking industry, that revealed the dangers posed to workers and the environment when discarded ships are dismantled."
National ReportingRussell Carollo and Jeff Nesmith of Dayton Daily News" ... for their reporting that disclosed dangerous flaws and mismanagement in the military health care system and prompted reforms."


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