1997 Pulitzer Prize

A listing of the Pulitzer Prize award winners for 1997:

Journalism awards

Public ServiceThe Times-Picayune (New Orleans)" ... for its comprehensive series analyzing the conditions that threaten the world's supply of fish."
Beat ReportingByron Acohido of The Seattle Times" ... for his coverage of the aerospace industry, notably an exhaustive investigation of rudder control problems on the Boeing 737, which contributed to new FAA requirements for major improvements."
Spot News PhotographyAnnie Wells of The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, California)" ... for her dramatic photograph of a local firefighter rescuing a teenager from raging floodwaters."
Breaking News ReportingStaff of Newsday" ... for its enterprising coverage of the crash of TWA Flight 800 and its aftermath."
CommentaryEileen McNamara of The Boston Globe" ... for her many-sided columns on Massachusetts people and issues."
CriticismTim Page of The Washington Post" ... for his lucid and illuminating music criticism."
Editorial CartooningWalt Handelsman of The Times-Picayune, New Orleans.
Editorial WritingMichael Gartner of the Ames Tribune (Ames, Iowa)" ... for his common sense editorials about issues deeply affecting the lives of people in his community."
Explanatory JournalismMichael Vitez, reporter, and April Saul and Ron Cortes, photographers of The Philadelphia Inquirer" ... for a series on the choices that confronted critically ill patients who sought to die with dignity."
Feature PhotographyAlexander Zemlianichenko of the Associated Press" ... for his photograph of Russian President Boris Yeltsin dancing at a rock concert during his campaign for re-election." (Moved by the Board from the Spot News Photography category)
Feature WritingLisa Pollak of The Baltimore Sun" ... for her compelling portrait of a baseball umpire who endured the death of a son while knowing that another son suffers from the same deadly genetic disease."
International ReportingJohn F. Burns of The New York Times" ... for his courageous and insightful coverage of the harrowing regime imposed on Afghanistan by the Taliban."
Investigative ReportingEric Nalder, Deborah Nelson and Alex Tizon of The Seattle Times" ... for their investigation of widespread corruption and inequities in the federally-sponsored housing program for Native Americans, which inspired much-needed reforms."
National ReportingStaff of The Wall Street Journal" ... for its coverage of the struggle against AIDS in all of its aspects, the human, the scientific and the business, in light of promising treatments for the disease."

Letters, Drama and Music Awards


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