Akita Expressway

Akita Expressway
Route information
Length: 143.6 km (89.2 mi)
Akita Sotokanjō Expressway: 9.5 km (5.9 mi)[1]
Kotooka Noshiro Road: 33.8 km (21.0 mi)[2]
Existed: 1991[3] – present
Major junctions
From: Kitakami Junction in Kitakami, Iwate
Tōhoku Expressway
To: Futatsui-Shirakami Interchange in Noshiro, Akita
Nihonkai Engan Tōhoku Expressway
National Route 7
Akita Prefectural Route 317
Major cities: Yokote, Daisen, Akita
Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan

The Akita Expressway (秋田自動車道 Akita Jidōsha-dō) is a national expressway in the Tōhoku region of Japan. It is owned and operated by East Nippon Expressway Company.


The expressway begins at a junction with the Tōhoku Expressway in Iwate Prefecture and crosses into Akita Prefecture to the west. The route intersects the Yuzawa-Yokote Road in Yokote and the Nihonkai-Tōhoku Expressway in the Akita city area. From this junction, the route follows a northerly course parallel to the Japan Sea to its terminus with National Route 7 in Noshiro.

The entire route is signed as the Akita Expressway for consistency purposes, however two separate sections of the route are officially designated as the Akita Sotokanjō Expressway and Kotooka Noshiro Road (both bypasses of National Route 7). These sections are not classified as national expressways but rather as national highways for motor vehicles only with national expressway concurrency (高速自動車国道に並行する一般国道自動車専用道路 Kōsoku Jidōsha Kokudō ni Heikōsuru Ippan Kokudō Jidōsha Senyō Dōro).[4]

The route of the expressway is planned to eventually continue past the current terminus at Futatsui-Shirakami Interchange as the Nihonkai Engan Tōhoku Expressway towards a junction with the Tōhoku Expressway near Aomori Prefecture,[4][5] however it is unknown if the naming of the sections that are currently open will change upon completion of that expressway.

The section between Hachiryū Interchange and Futatsui-Shirakami Interchange is toll-free;[2] all other sections assess tolls based on distance travelled in the same manner as most other national expressways.

Official designations

List of interchanges and features

No. Name Connections Dist. from
Dist. from
Bus Stop Notes Speed Limit Lanes Location
(37) Kitakami JCT Tōhoku Expressway 0.0 186.7 70 km/h Two Kitakami Iwate
1 Kitakami-nishi IC Pref. Route 47 (Kitakami-nishi Inter Route)
Pref. Route 225 (Kitakami Waga Route)
8.7 178.0
TN Waga-Sennin Tunnel Length - 3,776 m
SA Kinshūko SA 21.4 165.3
2 Yuda IC National Route 107 30.3 156.4
TN Sannai Tunnel Length - 2,440 m Yokote Akita
PA Sannai PA 41.0 145.7
BS Sannai Bus Stop 43.2 143.5
3 Yokote IC/JCT Yuzawa-Yokote Road
National Route 13
50.6 136.1
80 km/h Four
BS Hiraka Bus Stop 52.7 134.0
BS Asahi Bus Stop 57.6 129.1
70 km/h Two
BS Kakumagawa Bus Stop 65.8 120.9 Daisen
BR Omonogawa Bridge Omono River crossing
Length - 549 m
PA Ōmori PA 68.9 117.8
4 Ōmagari IC National Route 105
Ōmagari Nishi Road
71.5 115.2
80 km/h Four
BS Nangai Bus Stop 78.3 108.4
4-1/SA Nishisenboku IC/
88.0 98.7 IC: Open 06:00-22:00
BR Omonogawa Bridge Omono River crossing
5 Kyōwa IC National Route 341 95.4 91.3
5-1 Kawabe JCT Nihonkai-Tōhoku Expressway 103.8 82.9 Akita
6 Akita-minami IC National Route 13 106.7 80.0
70 km/h Two
7 Akita-chūō IC Pref. Route 62 (Akita Kitanoda Route) 113.7 73.0
PA Taiheizan PA 117.9 68.8
8 Akita-kita IC Pref. Route 72 (Akita-kita Inter Route) 122.9 63.8
9 Shōwa-Ogahantō IC National Route 7
National Route 101
132.4 54.3
10 Gojōme-
Hachirōgata IC
Pref. Route 15 (Akita Hachirōgata Route) 143.5 43.2 Gojōme
SA Hachirōko SA 150.4 36.3 Mitane
11/TB Kotooka-Moritake IC/TB Pref. Route 37 (Kotooka Kamikoani Route) 153.1 33.6
12 Hachiryū IC National Route 7 166.1 20.6
13 Noshiro-minami IC National Route 7 170.2 16.5 Noshiro
14 Noshiro-higashi IC National Route 7
Pref. Route 64 (Noshiro Futatsui Route)
176.7 10.0
15 Futatsui-
Shirakami IC
National Route 7
Pref. Route 317 (Nishimeya Futatsui Route)
186.7 0.0
Through to Nihonkai Engan Tōhoku Expressway (Planned)


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