Asian Super Cup

Asian Super Cup
Founded 1995
Abolished 2002
Region Asia (AFC)
Number of teams 2
Most successful club(s) Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal
South Korea Suwon Samsung Bluewings
(2 titles)

The Asian Super Cup was an annual competition between the winners of the Asian Champions Cup and the Asian Cup Winners Cup.

The competition started in 1995, but came to an end in 2002 after both major AFC tournaments were merged into the Asian Champions League. The most successful clubs in the competition are Al-Hilal from Saudi Arabia and Suwon Samsung Bluewings from South Korea .

Since AFC's current trophies are divided qualitatively by groups of countries, an Asian Super Cup is not likely to be revived until the AFC Cup countries can match the quality of the AFC Champions League countries so both groups of countries can have qualifiers for both competitions.

Asian Super Cup Finals

Year Asian Club Championship
<abbr style=""text-align:center"" title="Aggregate score">Agg. Asian Cup Winners' Cup
1st leg 2nd leg
1995 Thai Farmers Bank Thailand 3–4 Japan Yokohama Flügels 1–1 2–3
1996 Cheonan Ilhwa Chunma South Korea 6–3 Japan Bellmare Hiratsuka 5–3 1–0
1997 Pohang Steelers South Korea 1–2 Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal 0–1 1–1
1998 Pohang Steelers South Korea 1–1 (a) Saudi Arabia Al-Nassr 1–1 0–0
1999 Júbilo Iwata Japan 2–2 (a) Saudi Arabia Al-Ittihad 1–0 1–2
2000 Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia 3–2 Japan Shimizu S-Pulse 2–1 1–1
2001 Suwon Samsung Bluewings South Korea 4–3 Saudi Arabia Al-Shabab 2–2 2–1
2002 Suwon Samsung Bluewings South Korea 1–1
(4–2 p)
Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal 1–0 0–1 (a.e.t.)

Asian Super Cup records and statistics

By club

The following table lists clubs by number of winners and runners-up in Asian Super Cup.

Team Winners Runners-up Years won Years runners-up
Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal211997, 20002002
South Korea Suwon Samsung Bluewings202001, 2002-
Japan Yokohama Flügels101995-
South Korea Cheonan Ilhwa Chunma101996-
Saudi Arabia Al-Nassr101998-
Japan Júbilo Iwata101999-
South Korea Pohang Steelers02-1997, 1998
Thailand Thai Farmers Bank01-1995
Japan Shonan Bellmare01-1996
Saudi Arabia Al-Ittihad01-1999
Japan Shimizu S-Pulse01-2000
Saudi Arabia Al-Shabab01-2001

By country

The following table lists countries by number of winners and runner-up in Asian Super Cup.

No. Nation Winners Runners-up
1  Saudi Arabia 3 3
2  South Korea 3 2
3  Japan 2 2
4  Thailand 0 1

By representative

Representative Winners Runners-up
Asian Club Championship
Asian Cup Winners' Cup

By Winning coaches

The following table lists the winning coaches of the Asian Super Cup.

1995 Japan Yokohama Flugels Brazil Antonio Carlos da Silva
1996 South Korea Ilhwa Chunma South Korea Jang Soo-lee
1997 Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal Ryad Brazil OSCAR
1998 Saudi Arabia Al-Nassr Ryad Brazil Jose Dutra dos Santos
1999 Japan Jubilo Iwata Japan Takashi Kuwabara
2000 Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal Ryad Romania Ilie Balaci
2001 South Korea Suwon Bluewings South Korea Kim Ho
2002 South Korea Suwon Bluewings South Korea Kim Ho

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