Beadlam Roman villa

Beadlam Roman villa
Location within North Yorkshire
General information
Architectural style Romano-British Villa
Location Beadlam, North Yorkshire
grid reference SE634841
Country United Kingdom
Coordinates 54°14′55″N 1°01′41″W / 54.24861°N 1.02806°W / 54.24861; -1.02806Coordinates: 54°14′55″N 1°01′41″W / 54.24861°N 1.02806°W / 54.24861; -1.02806
Construction started 2nd century
Demolished 5th century

Beadlam Roman villa is a Roman villa situated on the east bank of the River Riccal in the North Yorkshire district of Ryedale between Helmsley and the village of Beadlam.[1] The Scheduled Ancient Monument is the remains of a large Romano-British farm built in the third and fourth centuries AD.[2] The site was first explored in 1928 when Romano-British tile and pot and tesserae were found. Further excavation in 1966 revealed a mosaic pavement in a building in the northern part of the site. The field in which it was found was purchased by English Heritage. More detailed excavations took place in 1969, 1972 and 1978 when the remains of buildings forming three sides of a courtyard were uncovered.

The walls of one building can be viewed in situ; the other building is visible as an earthwork.[3]


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