Bhatt Prabhu

The Bhatt Prabhu Brahmin (commonly known as Parabhu in Konkani) community belongs to the Panch Darvida category of Brahmins, and claims to be a sub-caste of the Karhade Brahmin community.

Parabhu people
परभू किंवा भट प्रभु
Total population
Few hundreds
Regions with significant populations

Primary populations in:

Konkani , Marathi
Related ethnic groups
Konkani people , Brahmin , Indo-Aryans , Arya

About the clan

It is said that certain Padye families were excommunicated for some reason during the 14th or 15th century, which led to the formation of a new community known as the Bhatt Prabhus.[1] But unlike Padyes they did not migrate to any other state and chose to remain in Goa.

This group of Brahmins are found only in Goa. For the last 80 years they have been considered a subsect of the "Padye" Brahmins of Goa. There are not many differences between Padyes and Bhatt Prabhus, differing mainly in language (Bhatt Prabhus speak pure Konkani).[2] In 1926 CE, Bhatt Prabhus of Goa requested the Shankaracharya of Sankeshwar to recognise them and include them among the Padyes, hence they are now a part of the Padye clan.[3]

They hail from Borim and Shiroda villages of Ponda, in the Indian state of Goa. Konkanakhyan refers to them as Deshmukhas of the eight Agraharas.[4]

Almost all of them are landowning farmers, though many prominent families were in the money-lending business. Unlike most of the Padyes they are not engaged as priests who are either employed by the temples or perform rituals for others.

Some common surnames of Bhatt Prabhu Brahmins[5]

Kuldevtas of Bhatt Prabhu Brahmins

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