Constitution Party presidential primaries, 2016

Constitution Party presidential primaries, 2016
United States
March 8–15, 2016

339½ delegates to the Constitution Party National Convention
Candidate Scott Copeland Uncommited
Home state Texas n/a
Contests won 1 1

First place by first-instance vote

  Scott Copeland (1)
  Uncommitted (1)

  No contest (49)

Previous Constitution Party nominee

Virgil Goode

Constitution Party nominee

Darrell Castle

The Constitution Party held a primary election in the states of Idaho and Missouri during the 2016 election season in order to allocate delegates from that state to the 2016 Constitution Party National Convention.


Idaho primary

The Constitution Party of Idaho held its primary on March 8.

Election results, by county, of the 2016 constitution Presidential Primary in Idaho.
  Scott Copeland
  J.R. Myers
  Patrick Anthony Ockander
  No votes
Idaho Constitution Party presidential primary, 2016[1][2][3]
Candidate Popular vote Pledged delegates
Count Percentage
Scott Copeland 250 51.7% 8
J.R. Myers 139 28.7% 0
Patrick Anthony Ockander 95 19.6% 0
Total: 484 100% 8
Key: Withdrew prior to contest

Missouri primary

The Constitution Party of Missouri held its primary on March 15. No candidate made it on the ballot, and the only option for voters was "Uncommitted".

Missouri Constitution Party presidential primary, 2016[4]
Candidate Popular vote
Count Percentage
Uncommitted 691 100%
Total: 691 100%


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