Correos de México

Correos de Mexico
Government-owned corporation
Industry Courier
Founded 1580
Headquarters Palacio de Correos de Mexico
Key people
Purificación Carpinteyro, CEO [1]
Products First-class and domestic mail, logistics [1]
Number of employees
Parent Government of Mexico

Correos de México (formerly Servicio Postal Mexicano (Sepomex)) is the national postal service of Mexico.[1]


On February 17, 1907, President Porfirio Díaz founded the "Palacio Postal" (postal palace) also known as the "Quinta Casa de Correos" (Fifth postal house).

But Mexico had had a postal service since 1580. The office's main job was to communicate the viceroyalty of New Spain with the metropolis, Spain.

In 1921 Sepomex was need of an international regulatory and unified postal service, and the Mexican government participated in the formation of the "Unión Panamericana de Correos" (Panamerican Postal Union) in Buenos Aires. In 1931, Spain joined the union, which changed the name to "Unión Postal de las Américas y España" (American and Spain Postal Union.) In 1990, Portugal was added to the union, which again changed the name to "Unión Postal de las Américas, España y Portugal" (American, Spain and Portugal Postal Union).

In 1933, by presidential order, the Postal service took control of the telegraph service in Mexico, creating the office "Dirección General de Correos y Telegrafos."

In 1942, the president ordered the separation of the postal service and telegraph into two entities.


In 1986, the government gave autonomy to the Postal Service. This was in response to the need to improve the service, which was considered one of the worst in the world and was now facing competition from private companies.

In order to compete with the private postal services like DHL, UPS, FedEx, Multipack, Estafeta and others the postal service created a new entity, "Mexpost," more expensive than normal postal service but also more efficient working as a private company but still being part of the Mexican Postal Service.

Recent history

In 2008, President Felipe Calderón ordered the overhaul of Servicio Postal Mexicano and rebranded it as Correos de México. Along with a new name and new image, the agency was restructured helping to streamline operations, improve performance, and expand postal outlets to non-traditional locations like private businesses.[1]

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