Counterfeit God

"Counterfeit God" is a single by Black Label Society, featured on their 2000 studio album Stronger Than Death.

The song is about televangelists, much like the earlier Ozzy Osbourne song which Zakk co-wrote, "Miracle Man", which dealt with the hypocrisy of Jimmy Swaggart. In a 2000 interview, Wylde (who is a Catholic) said, "I saw a TV evangelist. This guy sells out arenas, and he touches people on the head, and they're supposed to be blind, and then they're not blind anymore. That's the biggest backstabbing version of God I've ever...Anton LaVey's got nothing over this guy. That's pure Satanism to me. He's backstabbing God so bad it's not even funny. People are paying money for that, and believe in that. How the hell are they believing it? This guy's playing God. To me, it's pure blasphemy."

The music video features Mark Wahlberg as a stand-in for the band's bassist, because they didn't have one at the time.[1] It also includes Rick Phillips, a teacher at Valencia High School. Steve Gibb appears as the character painted as a skeleton and carrying chains; not long after this Gibb joined as bassist.

"Counterfeit God" is the entrance theme of Martin Stone, a British wrestler currently under the RQW promotion.


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