Greatest hits album by Black Label Society
Released April 21, 2009
Recorded 1994–2006
Genre Heavy metal
Label Armoury, Eagle Rock
Black Label Society chronology
Shot to Hell
Order of the Black
Professional ratings
Review scores
The Hollywood Reporter(favorable)[2]

Skullage is a compilation/live album of Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society,[3] although the first song is from Pride and Glory and the second is from Book of Shadows. Some versions also come with a bonus DVD.[4]

This is the third compilation released to document Zakk Wylde's catalogue, the first being the promotional-only No More Tears E.P., followed by Kings of Damnation 98-04 in 2005.

Track listing

  1. "Machine Gun Man" – 4:57 (Pride and Glory)
  2. "Dead as Yesterday" – 2:51 (Book of Shadows)
  3. "All For You" - 4:00 (Stronger Than Death)
  4. "13 Years of Grief" – (Stronger Than Death)
  5. "Bleed for Me" – (1919 Eternal)
  6. "Doomsday Jesus" – (The Blessed Hellride)
  7. "Stillborn" – (The Blessed Hellride)
  8. "Won't Find It Here" - (Hangover Music Vol. VI)
  9. "Suicide Messiah" - (Mafia)
  10. "In This River" - (Mafia)
  11. "Fire It Up" - (Mafia)
  12. "New Religion" - (Shot to Hell)
  13. Slightly Amped Instrumental Intro (Acoustic) - recorded live on 2/13/04 in Lehigh Valley
  14. "The Blessed Hellride" (acoustic) - recorded live on 2/13/04 in Lehigh Valley
  15. "Spoke in the Wheel" (acoustic) - recorded live on 2/13/04 in Lehigh Valley
  16. "Stillborn" (acoustic) - recorded live on 2/13/04 in Lehigh Valley

Disc II [DVD]

  1. All for You
  2. 13 Years of Grief
  3. Bleed for Me
  4. Stillborn [video]
  5. Suicide Messiah [video]
  6. In This River [video]
  7. Fire It Up [video]
  8. Acoustic [live]
  9. Instrumental Intro [Live in Lehigh Valley]
  10. The Blessed Hellride [Live in Lehigh Valley]
  11. Spoke in the Wheel [Live in Lehigh Valley]
  12. We Live No More [Live in Lehigh Valley]
  13. Stillborn [Live in Lehigh Valley]
  14. New Religion
  15. Welcome to the Compound

Credits (CD side)


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