Fawzi Al-Mulki

Fawzi al-Mulki
Prime Minister of Jordan
In office
5 May 1953  2 May 1954
Monarch King Hussein
Preceded by Tawfik Abu al-Huda
Succeeded by Tawfik Abu al-Huda
Personal details
Born 1909
Irbid, Jordan
Died 1962 (aged 5253)
Religion Sunni Islam

Fawzi El-Mulki (19101962) (Arabic: فوزي الملقي) was a Jordanian diplomat and politician. While serving as ambassador to the United Kingdom in the early 1950s, he befriended King Hussein, who was studying there. In 1953 Hussein appointed al-Mulki to be prime minister of Jordan. He was dismissed in 1954 after his liberal policies caused riots throughout the country.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Tawfik Abu al-Huda
Prime Minister of Jordan
Succeeded by
Tawfik Abu al-Huda
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