Galago (software)

Operating system Linux
Type Presence information framework

Galago is a desktop presence information framework, designed to transmit presence information between programs. This gives the Linux desktop the ability to combine numerous sources of information about people and combine them in novel ways. This is an area of rapid progress in desktop computing. A simple example of the possibilities of such a framework is having a unified 'friends' list, which could conceivably include Twitter, Facebook, nearby computers on the wired or wireless network, your e-mail contacts, VoIP contacts, and any of your IM contacts. Increasingly, Internet services such as SIP voice over IP allow optional publication of your presence. This means that a wide number of channels of communication with a person become possible, and Galago will allow that choice to be available in one place.

Linux Software using presence

Galago is desktop-neutral, and contains a set of widgets for GTK+, bindings for several scripting languages and test programs. Qt widgets are planned.

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