Kentucky Route 36

Kentucky Route 36 marker

Kentucky Route 36
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length: 149.793 mi[1] (241.068 km)
Major junctions
West end: US 421 in Milton
East end: US 460 in Frenchburg
Counties: Trimble, Carroll, Owen, Grant, Harrison, Bourbon, Nicholas, Bath, Menifee
Highway system
KY 35KY 37

Kentucky Route 36 is a 149.793-mile state highway in Kentucky. It runs from US 421 in Milton to US 460 in Frenchburg.

Major intersections

TrimbleMilton0.0000.000 US 421Western terminus near Milton-Madison Bridge
Carroll7.50512.078 KY 1492 west (Locust Road)Eastern terminus of KY-1492
Prestonville10.34316.645 US 42 westWestern end of concurrency with US-42
11.37918.313 KY 55 south (Newcastle Pike)Northern terminus of KY-55
Kentucky River11.525
Carrollton-Prestonville Bridge
Carrollton12.64320.347 KY 320 south (11th Street) – Carroll County Memorial Hospital
13.04220.989 US 42 east (Highland Avenue) / KY 227 begins (Park Avenue)East end of US-42 concurrency
Northern terminus of KY-227 and KY-36/KY-227 concurrency
13.90822.383 KY 227 south (Owenton Road)Southern end of KY-227 overlap. 227 continues south on Owenton Road while 36 continues east on Easterday Road.
15.49024.929 KY 2350 north (Martin Road)Southern terminus of KY-2350
Easterday18.54929.852 KY 1112 southWestern end of KY-1112 overlap
18.80730.267 KY 1112 north (Bucks Run Road)Eastern terminus of KY-1112 overlap
Whites Run20.45532.919 KY 2984 eastWestern terminus of KY-2984
21.64934.841 KY 1204 westEastern terminus of KY-1204
24.09338.774 KY 467 westWest end of KY-467 concurrency
Sanders28.12645.264 KY 47 north / KY 467 eastEast end of KY-467 concurrency. 467 follows 47 north for a brief distance before the two split off
OwenNew Liberty31.99651.493 KY 227 southSouth end of KY-227 concurrency
32.50052.304 KY 227 northNorth end of KY-227 concurrency
35.45157.053 US 127 northNorth end of concurrency with US-127
Long Ridge38.25961.572 US 127 southSouth end of concurrency with US-127
Jonesville42.24367.984 KY 3102 west (Stewart Ridge Road)Eastern terminus of KY-3102. Owen/Grant County line
Grant43.52570.047 KY 1132 north (Jonesville-Folsom Road)Southern terminus of KY-1132
Four Corners50.97782.040 KY 22 (Taft Highway)
Williamstown53.83586.639 KY 1995 south (Stewart Pike Road)Northern terminus of KY-1995
57.28592.191 I-75 southEntrance to I-75 S from EB KY-36.
57.30792.227 I-75 southExit 154 from I-75 south and entrance to I-75 South from WB KY-36
57.50792.549 I-75 northExit 154 from I-75 north and entrance to I-75 North from EB KY-36
57.54292.605 I-75 northEntrance to I-75 N from WB KY-36
58.00493.348 US 25 northNorth end of US-25 concurrency
59.45295.679 US 25 southSouth end of US-25 concurrency
Cordova65.738105.795 KY 330 north (Corinth Road)Northern terminus of KY-330 concurrency
65.792105.882 KY 330 south (Corinth Road)Southern terminus of KY-330 concurrency
Harrison69.957112.585 KY 1032 east (Colemansville-Berry Road) ColemansvilleWestern terminus of KY-1032
Breckenridge78.344126.082 KY 1842 south (White Oak-Tricum Pike)Northern terminus of KY-1842
79.771128.379 KY 1054 north (Lafferty Pike)Southern terminus of KY-1054
82.350132.529 KY 1743 north (Carl Stevens Road)Southern terminus of KY-1743
US 27 Conn. north to US 27 (Cynthiana Bypass)
Connector to US-27 (Cynthiana Bypass)
84.311135.685 KY 356 west (West Pleasant Street) / KY 3016 south (River Road)Eastern terminus of KY-356, northern terminus of KY-3016. 36 turns east here
US 27 Bus. north / US 62 west (North Main Street)
North end of concurrency with 27-Business/62 West
US 27 Bus. south / US 62 west / KY 32 west to US 27 south
Southern end of concurrency with 27-Business/62 West. Western terminus of concurrency with KY-32. 32 West/27-Business/62 continue south on Main Street. 32/36 east continues east on Pike Street.
85.210137.132 KY 985 south (South Church Street) – Maysville Technical & Community College, Harrison County High SchoolNorthern terminus of KY-985
86.242138.793 KY 1940 south (Ruddels Mills Road)Northern terminus of KY-1940
Bourbon87.788141.281 KY 1879 southNorthern terminus of KY-1879
Nicholas88.403142.271 KY 1298 west (Hardy Road)Eastern terminus of KY-1298
99.508160.143 US 68 / KY 32 east (Maysville Road)East end of concurrency with KY-32 and beginning of concurrency with US-68. 32 follows 68 east, 36 follows 68 west.
100.511161.757 US 68 west (Maysville Road)End of US-68 concurrency. 68 continues west, 36 continues east
Carlisle103.586166.706 KY 13 south (Lower Jackstown Road)Northern terminus of KY-13
103.794167.040 KY 32 west (Old Paris Road)Western end of concurrency with KY-32
104.200167.694 KY 3316 south (South Elm Street)Northern terminus of KY-3316
104.328167.900 KY 32 east (North Broadway Street)Eastern end of concurrency with KY-32
104.677168.461 KY 1285 south (East Union Boulevard)Northern terminus of KY-1285
112.467180.998 KY 928 north (Cane Run Road)Southern terminus of KY-928
Moorefield114.658184.524 KY 57 north (Upper Lick Road)North end of KY-57 concurrency
114.893184.902 KY 57 south (Gravel Road)South end of KY-57 concurrency
Bath118.125190.104 KY 11 northNorth end of concurrency with KY-11
Sharpsburg120.266193.549 KY 11 southSouth end of concurrency with KY-11
122.285196.799 KY 3288 north (North Convict Pike)Southern terminus of KY-3288
Reynoldsville126.346203.334 KY 1325 north (East Lick Road)Southern terminus of KY-1325
128.727207.166 KY 1944 northSouthern terminus of KY-1944
Owingsville131.223211.183 US 60 eastEastern end of concurrency with US-60
131.625211.830 US 60 west (West Main Street)Western end of concurrency with US-60. US-60 continues west along Main Street while 36 turns south along Slate Avenue
132.874213.840 I-64 west AshlandEastbound entrance ramp to I-64 West
132.938213.943 I-64 west AshlandExit 121 from I-64 West and eastbound entrance ramp to I-64 West
133.090214.188 I-64 east LexingtonExit 121 from I-64 East and ramp to I-64 East
134.660216.714 KY 965 south (Preston Road)Western end of KY-965 concurrency
Olympia136.882220.290 KY 965 north (Hart Pike)Eastern end of KY-965 concurrency
Olympia Springs140.282225.762 KY 3290 north (Mud Lick Pike) Salt LickSouthern terminus of KY-3290
143.154230.384 KY 211 north Salt LickSouthern terminus of KY-211
MenifeeFrenchburg148.177238.468 KY 1274 north (Old Beaver Road)Southern terminus of KY-1274
149.793241.068 US 460 (Walnut Street)Eastern terminus of KY-36
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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