Location of Kongsdal in Denmark
Former names Tygestrup
General information
Type Manor Estate
Location Kongsdal
Town or city Undløse parish, Holbæk Municipality, Region Zealand,
Country Denmark
Coordinates 55°37′03″N 11°33′05″E / 55.6174°N 11.5513°E / 55.6174; 11.5513Coordinates: 55°37′03″N 11°33′05″E / 55.6174°N 11.5513°E / 55.6174; 11.5513
Current tenants Hans Iakob Estrup
Construction started 1180
Completed 1710
Renovated 1990-
Owner Estrup Family
Landlord Hans Iakob Estrup
Geographical names

Kongsdal (previously, Tygestrup) is an old manor house in Holbæk Municipality, Denmark. The three-winged main building from the 1590s is listed.


It was first mentioned in 1180.[1] In that year, the bishop of Absalon gave it to the Sorø Abbey. The estate is located approximately 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) southwest of Holbaek in Undløse parish.

About 1280, the farmhouse was called Tygestrup. Around 1588, the four wing main building was started. In 1598, the west wing was built. The structure became known as Kongsdal in 1669.

In 1846, the estate became the inheritance of Jacob Brønnum Scavenius Estrup from his father Hector Frederik Janson Estrup who was a landowner. Jacob Brønnum was a leading politician of the Højre party in Denmark, a parliamentarian who held many ministerial posts including as Finance Minister in the Cabinet of the Government of Denmark.[2]


Kongsdal farm house is located in the Holbæk Municipality of Region Zealand. The farm is forested and the forest type in the estate is of Cold-deciduous Forest. The Vegetation Zone belongs to the Cool Temperate Moist Forest of the Holdridge Bioclimatic Zone.[3]

Soil type of Cambisols (CM) in the estate area is of moderate soils. At shallow depths, the soil indicates color or structure changes different from the parent soils.[3]



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