Vognserup is an listed manor house located in the parish of Knudby to the west of Holbæk, Denmark. The estate covers 368 hectares.


Vognserup was established in 1330 at the site of a former village. It was owned by the now extinct Rud family in the Middle Ages. The last Rud was Peter Rud, a friend of king Frederick II. His widow Grethe Bruske constructed the current main building in c. 1559-75. They were adapted in 1785.

Im 1750, Vognserup was acquired by Severin Løvenskiold. Je already owned the Birkholm Manor and in 1766 he created the 'stamhus' Løvenborg from the two estates and in 1773 it received status of barony. The Barony existed until 1921. In 1776 the buildings were adapted. The Barony of Løvenborg existed until 1921.[1]


The estate covers 358 hectares. It consists of 271 hectares of farmland, 29 hectares of meadows, 45 hectares of forrest, 8 hectares of bagland and a 5-hectare park.[2]

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