List of Pi Beta Phi chapters

A list of collegiate chapters[1] of the Pi Beta Phi fraternity for women.


Chapter University Charter Status
Alabama Alpha Birmingham-Southern College 1927 Active
Alabama Beta University of Alabama 1949 Active
Alabama Gamma Auburn University 1957 Active
Alberta Alpha University of Alberta 1931 Active
Arizona Alpha University of Arizona 1917 Active
Arizona Beta Arizona State University 1965 Active
Arizona Gamma Northern Arizona University 1990 Active
Arkansas Alpha University of Arkansas 1909 Active
Arkansas Beta University of Arkansas at Little Rock 1963 Inactive (2008)
California Alpha Stanford University 1893 Active
California Beta University of California, Berkeley 1900 Active
California Gamma University of Southern California 1917 Active
California Delta University of California, Los Angeles 1927 Active
California Epsilon San Diego State University 1949 Active
California Zeta University of California, Santa Barbara 1950 Active
California Eta University of California, Irvine 1974 Active
California Theta University of California, Davis 1980 Active
California Iota California State University, Chico 1986 Inactive
California Kappa University of California, San Diego 1987 Active
California Lambda University of California, Riverside 1988 Active
California Mu Pepperdine University 1996 Active
California Nu Loyola Marymount University 2002 Active
California Xi University of San Diego 2015 Active
California Omicron Chapman University 2015 Active
Colorado Alpha University of Colorado Boulder 1884 Active
Colorado Beta University of Denver 1885 Inactive
Colorado Gamma Colorado State University 1954 Active
Colorado Delta Colorado School of Mines 1986 Active
Colorado Epsilon University of Colorado Colorado Springs 2002 Active
Connecticut Alpha University of Connecticut 1943 Active
Connecticut Beta Yale University 1989 Active
Connecticut Gamma Quinnipiac University 2011 Active
D.C. Alpha George Washington University 1889 Active
Delaware Alpha University of Delaware 2016 Active
Florida Alpha Stetson University 1913 Active
Florida Beta Florida State University 1921 Active
Florida Gamma Rollins College 1929 Inactive
Florida Delta University of Florida 1969 Active
Florida Epsilon University of Central Florida 1981 Active
Florida Zeta University of Tampa 2014 Active
Georgia Alpha University of Georgia 1939 Active
Georgia Beta Emory University 2016 Active
Idaho Alpha University of Idaho 1923 Active
Illinois Alpha (first chapter) Monmouth College 1867 Active
Illinois Beta-Delta Knox College 1930 Active
Illinois Epsilon Northwestern University 1894 Active
Illinois Zeta University of Illinois 1895 Active
Illinois Eta Millikin University 1912 Active
Illinois Theta Bradley University 1947 Active
Illinois Iota Illinois State University 1974 Active
Illinois Kappa University of Chicago 2013 Active
Indiana Alpha Franklin College 1888 Active
Indiana Beta Indiana University 1893 Active
Indiana Gamma Butler University 1897 Active
Indiana Delta Purdue University 1921 Active
Indiana Epsilon DePauw University 1942 Active
Indiana Zeta Ball State University 1952 Active
Indiana Eta Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne 1974 Inactive
Indiana Theta Valparaiso University 1998 Active
Iowa Alpha Iowa Wesleyan College 1868 Inactive
Iowa Beta Simpson College 1874 Active
Iowa Gamma Iowa State University 1877 Active
Iowa Epsilon South Iowa Normal, Bloomfield 1881 Inactive (1887)
Iowa Zeta University of Iowa 1882 Active
Kansas Alpha University of Kansas 1873 Active
Kansas Beta Kansas State University 1915 Active
Kentucky Alpha University of Louisville 1925 Active
Kentucky Beta University of Kentucky 1962 Active
Kentucky Gamma] Eastern Kentucky University 1976 Active
Louisiana Alpha Tulane University/Newcomb College 1891 Active
Louisiana Beta LSU 1936 Active
Maine Alpha University of Maine 1920 Active
Maryland Alpha Women's College of Baltimore 1897 Inactive
Maryland Beta University of Maryland 1944 Inactive
Maryland Gamma Johns Hopkins University 2010 Active
Massachusetts Alpha Boston University 1896 Inactive (1985)
Massachusetts Beta University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1944 Inactive (1973)
Massachusetts Gamma MIT 2008 Active
Michigan Alpha Hillsdale College 1887 Active
Michigan Beta University of Michigan 1888 Active
Michigan Gamma Michigan State University 1945 Active
Michigan Delta Albion College 1957 Inactive
Michigan Epsilon Western Michigan University 1996 Inactive (2014)
Minnesota Alpha University of Minnesota 1890 Active
Mississippi Alpha University of Southern Mississippi 1961 Active
Mississippi Beta University of Mississippi 1962 Active
Mississippi Gamma Mississippi State University 2009 Active
Missouri Alpha University of Missouri 1899 Active
Missouri Beta Washington University in St. Louis 1907 Active
Missouri Gamma Drury University 1914 Active
Montana Alpha Montana State University 1921 Active
Nebraska Alpha Nebraska Methodist College 1884 Inactive (1892)
Nebraska Beta University of Nebraska 1895 Active
Nebraska Gamma Creighton University 1994 Active
Nevada Alpha University of Nevada, Reno 1915 Active
New Jersey Alpha Princeton University 1990 Active
New Mexico Alpha University of New Mexico 1946 Active
New Mexico Beta New Mexico State University 1972 Inactive 2016 New York Alpha Syracuse University 1896 Inactive (2013)
New York Beta Barnard College 1904 Inactive (1915)
New York Gamma St. Lawrence University 1914 Inactive
New York Delta Cornell University 1919 Active
New York Epsilon Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1984 Active
New York Zeta Colgate University 1986 Inactive (1993)
New York Eta New York University 2009 Active
North Carolina Alpha University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1923 Active
North Carolina Beta Duke University 1933 Active
North Carolina Gamma Wake Forest University 1994 Inactive (2010)
North Carolina Delta North Carolina State University 2005 Active
North Dakota Alpha University of North Dakota 1921 Active
Ohio Alpha Ohio University 1889 Active
Ohio Beta The Ohio State University 1894 Active
Ohio Gamma College of Wooster September 20, 1910[2] Inactive(1913)
Ohio Delta Ohio Wesleyan University 1925 Inactive
Ohio Epsilon University of Toledo 1945 Active
Ohio Zeta Miami University 1945 Active
Ohio Eta Denison University 1954 Active
Ohio Theta Bowling Green State University 1986 Active
Ohio Iota University of Dayton 1989 Active
Ohio Kappa University of Cincinnati 2010 Active
Ohio Lambda Case Western Reserve University 2013 Active
Oklahoma Alpha University of Oklahoma 1910 Active
Oklahoma Beta Oklahoma State University 1919 Active
Ontario Alpha University of Toronto 1908 Active
Ontario Beta University of Western Ontario 1934 Active
Ontario Gamma University of Guelph 1996 Active
Oregon Alpha University of Oregon 1915 Active
Oregon Beta Oregon State University 1917 Inactive
Oregon Gamma Willamette University 1944 Active
Pennsylvania Alpha Swarthmore College 1892 Inactive (1934)
Pennsylvania Beta Bucknell University 1895 Inactive (2013)
Pennsylvania Gamma Dickinson College 1903 Active
Pennsylvania Delta University of Pittsburgh September 19, 1918[3] Inactive
Pennsylvania Epsilon Pennsylvania State University 1953 Active
Pennsylvania Zeta Washington & Jefferson College 1979 Active
Pennsylvania Eta Lafayette College 1980 Active
Pennsylvania Theta Villanova University 1990 Active
Pennsylvania Iota University of Pennsylvania 1992[4] Inactive
Pennsylvania Kappa Lehigh University 1997 Active
South Carolina Alpha University of South Carolina 1931-1985, 2014 (recolonized) Active
South Carolina Beta Clemson University 1976, 2016 (recolonized) Active
South Dakota Alpha University of South Dakota 1927 Active
Tennessee Alpha University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 1923 Inactive (1989)
Tennessee Beta Vanderbilt University 1940 Active
Tennessee Gamma University of Tennessee 1948 Active
Tennessee Delta University of Memphis 1962 Active
Texas Alpha University of Texas 1902 Active
Texas Beta Southern Methodist University 1916 Active
Texas Gamma Texas Tech University 1953 Active
Texas Delta Texas Christian University 1956 Active
Texas Epsilon University of North Texas 1976 Active
Texas Zeta Baylor University 1977 Active
Texas Eta Texas A&M University 1985 Active
Utah Alpha University of Utah 1929 Active
Vermont Alpha Middlebury College 1893 Inactive
Vermont Beta University of Vermont 1898 Active
Virginia Alpha Randolph-Macon Woman’s College 1913 Inactive (1960)
Virginia Beta Hollins College 1917 Inactive (1930)
Virginia Gamma]\ College of William & Mary 1925 Active
Virginia Delta Old Dominion University 1965 Active
Virginia Epsilon University of Virginia 1975 Active
Virginia Zeta Virginia Tech 1981 Active
Virginia Eta University of Richmond 1987 Active
Virginia Theta Washington & Lee University 1992 Active
Virginia Iota George Mason University 2013 Active
Washington Alpha University of Washington 1907 Active
Washington Beta Washington State University 1912 Active
Washington Gamma University of Puget Sound 1948 Active
West Virginia Alpha West Virginia University 1918 Active
Wisconsin Alpha University of Wisconsin–Madison 1894 Active
Wisconsin Beta Beloit College 1919 Inactive (1971)
Wisconsin Gamma Lawrence University 1940 Inactive
Wisconsin Delta Marquette University 1990 Active
Wyoming Alpha University of Wyoming 1910 Inactive (2013)


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