List of cities in Western Sahara

Map of Western Sahara
Location of cities in Western Sahara

The following are cities in Western Sahara, listed by population. Due to an ongoing conflict over the territory, the majority is controlled by Morocco, and the eastern and southern portions are controlled by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). Only those cities under Moroccan administration are subject to the government census; SADR-controlled cities are listed at the end. Morocco claims the entire territory, as does the SADR. The list includes cities, towns, villages, oases and other settlements.


Name Population Status
Transliteration Arabic 1994 census 2004 census[1] Location [2] Administration
Laayoune (El Aaiún)[3] العيون 136,950 179,542 North West Morocco
Ad-Dakhla (Villa Cisneros) الداخلة 29,831 55,618 North West Morocco
Smara (Semara) السمارة 28,750 33,910 North West Morocco
Cape Bojador (Cabo Boujdour) بو جدور 15,167 36,731 North West Morocco
El Marsa[4] المرسى 4,334 10,229 North West Morocco
Hawza الكويرة 2,940 3,726 North West Morocco
Mahbes المحبس 1,193 131 North West Morocco
Guelta Zemmur گَلتَة زَمُّور 4,716 512 North West Morocco
Bir Anzarane ? 867 1,273 North West Morocco
Tichla ? 290 469 North West Morocco
Ausert (Auserd, Awserd) ? 672 976 North West Morocco
El Aargub ? 1,374 5,020 North West Morocco
Bou Craa بو كرع ? 2,519 North West Morocco
Lemseid ? ? ? North West Morocco
Umm Dreiga ? ? ? North West Morocco
Jdiriya ? ? ? North West Morocco
Farciya ? ? ? North West Morocco
Sebaiera ? Over 10,000 according to a population dot in a 1997 Polish atlas of the world. ? North West Morocco
Chalwa ? Over 10,000 according to a population dot in the National Geographic Visual Atlas. ? North West Morocco
Aridal ? ? ? North West Morocco
As-Sakn ? ? ? North West Morocco
Al Ga'da ? ? ? North West Morocco
Bir Gandus ? ? ? North West Morocco
Guerguerat[5] ? ? ? North West Morocco
Amgala ? ? Included in Awserd North West Morocco
Bir Lehlou[6] بير لحلو ? ? North East Sahrawi Republic
Tifariti[7] تيفاريتي ? ? (near 3,000 by late estimates) North East Sahrawi Republic
Meharrize محيرس ? ? North East Sahrawi Republic
Zug ? ? ? South East Sahrawi Republic
Dougaj ? ? ? South East Sahrawi Republic
Agounit أغوانيت ? ? South East Sahrawi Republic
Mijek (Miyek) ميجك ? ? South East Sahrawi Republic
Lagouira (La Güera, La Gouera) الكويرة 509 3,726 South West Mauritania

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