List of hash functions

This is a list of hash functions, including cyclic redundancy checks, checksum functions, and cryptographic hash functions.

Cyclic redundancy checks

Name Length Type
BSD checksum 16 bits CRC
Checksum 32 bits CRC
CRC-16 16 bits CRC
CRC-32 32 bits CRC
CRC-32 MPEG-2 32 bits CRC
CRC-64 64 bits CRC
SYSV checksum 16 bits CRC

Adler-32 is often mistaken for a CRC, but it is not, it's a checksum.


Main article: Checksum
Name Length Type
sum (Unix) 16 or 32 bits sum
sum8 8 bits sum
sum16 16 bits sum
sum24 24 bits sum
sum32 32 bits sum
fletcher-4 4 bits sum
fletcher-8 8 bits sum
fletcher-16 16 bits sum
fletcher-32 32 bits sum
Adler-32 32 bits sum
xor8 8 bits sum
Luhn algorithm 4 bits sum
Verhoeff algorithm 4 bits sum
Damm algorithm 1 decimal digit Quasigroup operation

Universal hash function families

Main article: Universal hashing
Name Length Type
Zobrist hashing variable xor
universal one-way hash function
tabulation hashing variable xor
Rabin fingerprint variable multiply

Non-cryptographic hash functions

Name Length Type
Pearson hashing 8 bits xor/table
Paul Hsieh's SuperFastHash[1] 32 bits
Buzhash variable xor/table
Fowler–Noll–Vo hash function
(FNV Hash)
32, 64, 128, 256,
512, or 1024 bits
xor/product or
Jenkins hash function 32 or 64 bits xor/addition
Java hashCode() 32 bits
Bernstein hash djb2[2] 32 bits
PJW hash / Elf Hash 32, 64 bits hash
MurmurHash 32, 64, or 128 bits product/rotation
SpookyHash 32, 64 or 128 bits see Jenkins hash function
CityHash 64, 128, or 256 bits
numeric hash (nhash)[3] variable Division/Modulo
xxHash[4] 32, 64 bits product/rotation
HighwayHash[5] 64..256 bits product/permutation

Keyed cryptographic hash functions

Name Tag Length Type
BLAKE2 up to 512 bits keyed hash function (prefix-MAC)
Poly1305-AES 128 bits nonce-based
PMAC (cryptography)
SipHash 64 bits non-collision-resistant PRF
One-key MAC
MD6 512 bits Merkle tree NLFSR
Hash-based message authentication code

Unkeyed cryptographic hash functions

Name Length Type
BLAKE-256 256 bits HAIFA structure[6]
BLAKE-512 512 bits HAIFA structure[6]
BLAKE2s Up to 256 bits HAIFA structure[6]
BLAKE2b Up to 512 bits HAIFA structure[6]
ECOH 224 to 512 bits hash
FSB 160 to 512 bits hash
GOST 256 bits hash
Grøstl Up to 512 bits hash
HAS-160 160 bits hash
HAVAL 128 to 256 bits hash
JH 224 to 512 bits hash
MD2 128 bits hash
MD4 128 bits hash
MD5 128 bits Merkle–Damgård construction
MD6 Up to 512 bits Merkle tree NLFSR (it is also a keyed hash function)
RadioGatún Up to 1216 bits hash
RIPEMD 128 bits hash
RIPEMD-128 128 bits hash
RIPEMD-160 160 bits hash
RIPEMD-320 320 bits hash
SHA-1 160 bits Merkle–Damgård construction
SHA-224 224 bits Merkle–Damgård construction
SHA-256 256 bits Merkle–Damgård construction
SHA-384 384 bits Merkle–Damgård construction
SHA-512 512 bits Merkle–Damgård construction
SHA-3 (originally known as Keccak) arbitrary Sponge function
Skein arbitrary Unique Block Iteration
Snefru 128 or 256 bits hash
Spectral Hash 512 bits Wide pipe Merkle–Damgård construction
SWIFFT 512 bits hash
Tiger 192 bits Merkle–Damgård construction
Whirlpool 512 bits hash

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