Lists of holidays

For a list of holidays by country, see List of holidays by country. For a list of multinational holidays by date, see List of multinational festivals and holidays.
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This is a list of lists of holidays and observances by various categorization.

Consecutive holidays

Religious holidays



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Sikh holidays

Buddhist holidays

Celtic, Norse, and Neopagan holidays

In the order of the Wheel of the Year:

Chinese Religion holidays

Christian holidays

See also: liturgical year

The Catholic patronal feast day or 'name day' are celebrated in each place's patron saint's day, according to the Calendar of saints.

Hindu holidays

Jewish holidays

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Muslim holidays

Western winter holidays in the Northern Hemisphere

The following holidays are observed to some extent at the same time during the Southern hemisphere's summer, with the exception of Winter Solstice.

Incomplete list of National holidays by country

Secular holidays

Many other days are marked to celebrate events or people, around the world, but are not strictly holidays as time off work is rarely given.


Other secular holidays not observed internationally:

Unofficial holidays

These are holidays that are not traditionally marked on calendars. These holidays are celebrated by various groups and individuals. Some are designed to promote a cause, others recognize historical events not recognized officially, and others are "funny" holidays, generally intended as humorous distractions and excuses to share laughs among friends.

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