Ministry of Culture (Argentina)

The Ministry of Culture deals with the culture of Argentina. It was created in 2014. Prior to the formation of the ministry, a secretary of state dealt with issues relating to culture and reported directly to the president. The first person appointed to that role was Carlos Gorostiza after the return of democracy in 1983 and the last was Jorge Coscia.


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Is duty of Ministry of Culture (Argentina) digitize, preserve and make them available and accessible public domain works for every citizen. Argentina has millions of public domain works (books, pictures, music and films) that belongs to the public domain and since there is not restrictions or copyright on them and all these works can be accessed, copied and enjoyed by its citizen in order to accomplish human right of access to science and culture make more egalitarian access to culture in every country no matter the social status of the cirizens.[1][2]


Presidency of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
Presidency of Mauricio Macri


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