Ministry of the Interior and Transport

Ministry of Interior, Public Works and Housing
Ministerio del Interior, Obras Públicas y Vivienda

Headquarters of the Ministry.
Ministry overview
Jurisdiction Argentina
Headquarters Buenos Aires
Minister responsible
Parent department Government of Argentina

The Ministry of the Interior, Public Works and Housing is a government ministry in Argentina. It manages issues relating to domestic politics such as immigration, as well as transport in the country after it took over the Secretariat of Transport from the Ministry of Planning and Public Works in 2012. The current minister is Rogelio Frigerio, and the headquarters of the ministry can be found on the 25 Mayo Avenue in the barrio of San Nicolás.

Ministers since 1983

Presidency of Raúl Alfonsín
Presidency of Carlos Menem
Presidency of Fernando de la Rúa
Presidency of Ramón Puerta
Presidency of Adolfo Rodríguez Saá
Presidency of Eduardo Duhalde
Presidency of Néstor Kirchner
Presidency of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
Presidency of Mauricio Macri

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