New Radiant S.C.

New Radiant
Full name New Radiant Sports Club
Nickname(s) The Blues or NRSC
Founded 1979 (1979)
Ground Rasmee Dhandu Stadium
Male, Maldives
Ground Capacity 13,000
Head Coach Maldives Ashraf Luthufy
League Dhivehi Premier League
2016 5th
Website Club home page

New Radiant Sports Club / ނިއުރޭޑިއަންޓް / the blues or nrsc is a Maldivian football club based in Henveiru Malé, Maldives. The club was founded on 19 August 1979[1] by Ahmed Waheed and his friend Ahammadhanik. New Radiant has won all domestic competitions being held in the Maldives and the club is the most successful in the Maldives in terms of trophies won and is also the most successful Maldivian club in the international arena. They were semi-finalists in the AFC Cup in 2005 and the only Maldivian club to have progressed beyond group stages in the AFC cup in multiple occasions.

New Radiant has won Dhivehi League five times, FA cup 11 times out of 28 and have won the Maldives Cup Winners' Cup four times. They won President's Cup 10 times and POMIS Cup 3 times.



New Radiant won POMIS Cup and FA cup.


The blues won POMIS Cup and Maldives National Championship / President's Cup.


New Radiant won all the competitions that were held in 1997.


The club won FA Cup three times in a row and became first team to do so in Maldivian footballing history.


This year New Radiant won only Maldives Cup Winners' Cup.


This year New Radiant won only Maldives Cup Winners' Cup.


New Radiant claimed the FA cup and became the first team ever to qualify for the Asian cup.


The blues reached the Semi-Finals of the AFC Cup 2005 and were beaten in semi finals by champions Al Faisaly of Jordan.


2006 was a successful season for New Radiant. The blues won FA cup and the Dhivehi League.


The Blues were able to clinch 2 titles, both the FA cup and the President's Cup. Dhivehi League was dominated by New Radiantt during the early stages, but after poor results against smaller clubs like Maziya and Vyansa, Victory took the lead. The winner was decided on the last match which the Blues lost against the Red Devils.


The first tournament of the season, the Cup Winners Cup was won by New Radiant. They lost FA cup final against VB Sports Club. After dominated in the first games of season, but the Blues ended up with poor results in the League & Presidents' Cup. They were knocked out of the AFC Cup 2008 in the group stage with 1 win, 1 draw and 4 losses.


After 2002, this was the year club did not win any of the tournaments. The Blues did not qualify for the AFC Cup 2009.


The year 2010 was also an unsuccessful year for New Radiant. But the club ended the unbeaten streak of League Champions VB Sports Club in the FA cup semi final. However, similar to the previous years, they had to end the season with no success, as they lost the FA cup final against Victory.


In 2011, the Club reached President's Cup final but lost against the Victory Sports club.


They won 2012 Dhivehi League without losing a single match and also won the President's Cup by beating Victory Sports Club in the final. During the whole season, New Radiant lost just one match, which was against Club Eagles in the Quarter Final of FA cup. They qualified for the AFC Cup 2013 and have brought the most promising young stars to the team in preparation for the continental stage.


The blues won the first Charity Shield match from the beginning of the season and they won 2013 Dhivehi League shield, becoming the first team in the history to finish off the league with a 100 percent record, without losing or drawing any of their matches. In August 2013, they won the Veterans Cup (35+ age) for the first time. At the beginning of October, they won FA Cup after 5 years. New Radiant SC finished the season by winning the President's Cup and that completed the domestic season with a remarkable 100% winning record. This year the blues reached AFC Cup 2013 quarter final to make another records.


On June 10, the blues won the Maldives FA Charity Shield match by beating Maziya. The club won 2014 Dhivehi League three times in a row and qualify AFC Cup 2015. On November 30, New Radiant SC won 2014 President's Cup three times in a row and that completed the record for the Maldivian football history to the only club which won all top division championship three times in a row. In this year, the Blues also won the 2014 FAM Women's Football Championship after beating Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF).


In this year, the Blues reached President's Cup final but lost against Maziya. The club won 2015 Dhivehi Premier League four times in a row and qualify AFC Cup 2016 group stage.


This year New Radiant SC finished fifth position in 2016 Dhivehi Premier League and knockout in the group stage of AFC Cup 2016. The Blues finished 3rd in FA cup and knockout in the group stage of President's Cup. After 2011, this was the year club did not win any of the tournaments.

Titles won

Top Division


Best Moments

Season by season records (1979 to 1999)

Updated on 30 November 2015

Season National
FA Cup POMIS Cup Cup Winners'
Asia[lower-alpha 1] Season Top scorers
Name Goal
1982 Champion        
1984 Runners-up        
1985 Runners-up        
1986 Runners-up      
1987 Champion   Group Stage  
1988 Runners-up Runners-up  
1989 Champion  
1990 Champion Runners-up  
1991 Champion Champion  
1992 Runners-up   QR2
1993 Runners-up  
1994 Runners-up Champion Champion   Quarter Final
1995 Champion Runners-up Champion
1996 Champion Quarter Final
1997 Champion Champion Champion   Group Stage
1998 Champion Runners-up Runners-up Round One
1999 Runners-up Champion Round Two
Champions Runners-up Third place Undefined Not Qualified

Season by season records (2000 to 2016)

Updated on 01 December 2016

Season Dhivehi League Male' League Charity
FA Cup POMIS Cup AFC Cup[lower-alpha 1] Other[lower-alpha 2] CW Cup Season Top scorers
Division Pld GW D L GF GA Pts Pos Name Goal
2000 DL     Third Place 4th   R1 Champion
2001 DL 5th   NQ Champion NQ   NQ Third Place Maldives Shah Ismail 17
2002 DL 7 3 1 3 13 8 10 4th 4th   4th Runners-up     QR2 Third Place Maldives Mausoom
2003 DL 12 7 1 4 24 18 22 4th 5th   Third Place 4th GS   NQ Champion Maldives Ali Shiham
2004 DL 12 6 4 2 40 13 22 Runners-up Champion   Champion 4th   NQ n/a Third Place Maldives Ibrahim Fazeel
2005 DL 12 7 3 2 28 10 24 Runners-up Third Place   Runners-up Champion   Third Place n/a Third Place Maldives Ibrahim Fazeel
2006 DL 12 9 1 2 29 16 28 Champion 4th   Third Place Champion   GS n/a Runners-up Maldives Ali Umar
2007 DL 12 7 1 4 25 9 22 Runners-up     Champion Champion   GS n/a Runners-up Maldives Ali Ashfaq
2008 DL 12 6 2 4 28 19 20 4th     4th Runners-up   GS n/a Champion Maldives Ahmed Thariq
2009 DL 18 6 5 7 31 33 23 4th   NQ 4th 4th   NQ n/a   Maldives Shamveel Qasim
2010 DL 21 11 3 7 44 31 36 4th   NQ Third Place Runners-up   NQ n/a  
2011 DL 19 9 4 6 41 24 31 4th   NQ Runners-up 4th   NQ n/a  
2012 DL 19 15 4 0 48 9 49 Champion   NQ Champion QF   NQ n/a   Maldives Ali Ashfaq 22
2013 DL 19 19 0 0 73 5 57 Champion   Champion Champion Champion   QF n/a   Maldives Ali Ashfaq 44
2014 DL 19 17 1 1 57 8 52 Champion   Champion Champion Runners-up   GS n/a   Maldives Ali Fasir
2015 DPL 14 10 3 1 27 13 33 Champion   Runners-up Runners-up   GS GS n/a   Maldives Ashad Ali 7
2016 DPL 21 6 5 10 17 25 23 5th   Runners-up GS 3rd   GS n/a  
2017 DPL   NQ   NQ n/a  
Champions Runners-up Third place Relegated In Progress Undefined Not Qualified

  • Pld = Played
  • GW = Games won
  • D = Games drawn
  • L = Games lost
  • GF = Goals for
  • GA = Goals against
  • Pts = Points
  • Pos = Final position

  • NQ = Not Qualified
  • n/a = No Allocation slots in Maldives
  • QR2 = Second Qualifying Round
  • R1 = Round 1
  • GS = Group stage
  • QF = Quarter-finals

Performance in AFC competitions

2002–03: Qualifying East – 2nd Round
1992: Qualifying – 2nd round
1997: Group Stage
2002: First Round
2005: Semi-Finals
2006: Group Stage
2007: Group Stage
2008: Group Stage
2013: Quarter Finals
2014: Group Stage
2015: Group Stage
2016: Group Stage
1993/94: Quarter-Finals
1995/96: Quarter-Finals
1997/98: First Round
1998/99: Second Round
1999/00: First Round

Current squad

As of 12 July 2016.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
2 Nigeria DF Segun Awoniyi
3 Maldives MF Mohamed Shifan (3rd captain)
4 Maldives DF Ahmed Abdulla
5 Maldives MF Hamzath Mohamed
6 Nigeria MF Patrick Sunday Okoro
7 Maldives MF Ali Fasir (vice-captain)
8 Maldives DF Rilwan Waheed
9 Maldives FW Ashad Ali (captain)
13 Maldives MF Akram Abdul Ghanee
14 Maldives FW Ahmed Suhail
15 Maldives DF Abdulla Naajee
16 Maldives FW Ahmed Hassan
17 Maldives FW Hamza Mohamed
18 Maldives GK Ahmed Fairooz
No. Position Player
19 Maldives DF Mohamed Rasheed
20 Maldives MF Mohamed Shaffaz
21 Maldives MF Ali Shaamiu
22 Maldives MF Mohamed Karam
23 Maldives MF Ahmed Niyaz
24 Maldives FW Mohamed Samir
25 Maldives GK Mohamed Yamaan
26 Maldives DF Shafiu Ahmed
27 Maldives DF Sobah Mohamed
30 Bulgaria DF Velichko Velichkov
33 Japan GK Jun Kochi

Retired numbers

Board of Directors

Senior Management

Club Officials

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