Osaka derby

Osaka derby
Locale Japan Osaka Prefecture
Teams Gamba Osaka,
Cerezo Osaka
First meeting 4 March 1995

The Osaka derby is a commonly occurring football fixture in Japan, which takes place between teams from Osaka Prefecture. Currently the derby is contested by Gamba Osaka (based in Suita) and Cerezo Osaka (based in Osaka).


In the 1970s, Yanmar Diesel, co-founder of the old Japan Soccer League in 1965, had its reserve squad, Yanmar Club, play in the JSL's Second Division. At the end of 1979, the reserve club was closed by the parent company. Most of its players and staff found refuge when Matsushita Electric Industrial took them in with the aim of forming a new club to compete in the JSL. The new Matsushita SC was formed initially playing in Nara and over the years began moving into Osaka for games. [1]

The first meeting between the two clubs took place during the 1986–87 season. At the time, newcomers Matsushita struggled and ended up being relegated; they did not return until 1988–89. At the end of 1990–91, Yanmar Diesel lost top division status for the first time. Matsushita, who had already applied with the Japan Football Association to take part in the new J. League implemented in 1992, was chosen instead to be the representative of Osaka in the new league, taking the name Gamba Osaka.

After competing for three seasons in the old Japan Football League, Yanmar Diesel, which had taken the name Cerezo Osaka in 1994, was promoted to the J. League.


Team Name Stadium Capacity Image
Gamba Osaka Suita City Football Stadium 39,694
Cerezo Osaka Kincho Stadium 18,000

Gamba, as Matsushita, initially played at Konoike Stadium in Nara and also played at Nagai Stadium in the J. League's early years. During the Yanmar Diesel years, Cerezo also played matches at Utsubo Park (football stadium is now demolished) and at Kobe Central Stadium in Kobe.

Past results

Statistics as of 20 September 2014

Tournament Cerezo wins Draws Gamba wins Goal diff
League 9 4 19 3765
Emperor's Cup 2 0 1 75
League Cup 0 2 2 48
Other 1 0 0 10
Total 12 6 22 4978

J. League

19953 MayJ1stNagai Aid StadiumCerezo Osaka1–0Gamba Osaka13,057
19 July1stOsaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka1–0Cerezo Osaka17,565
30 September2ndNagai Aid StadiumCerezo Osaka3–2Gamba Osaka12,049
22 November2ndOsaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka4–0Cerezo Osaka9,016
199618 May-Nagai Aid StadiumCerezo Osaka0–2Gamba Osaka9,325
14 September-Osaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka2–0Cerezo Osaka7,210
19973 May1stNagai StadiumCerezo Osaka0–2Gamba Osaka27,734
23 August2ndOsaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka3–2Cerezo Osaka11,893
199821 March1stOsaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka1–2Cerezo Osaka15,193
15 September2ndNagai StadiumCerezo Osaka2–1Gamba Osaka12,230
199916 MayJ11stOsaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka1–2Cerezo Osaka8,253
11 September2ndNagai StadiumCerezo Osaka4–1Gamba Osaka10,901
20004 May1stOsaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka2–1Cerezo Osaka13,380
15 September2ndNagai StadiumCerezo Osaka0–1Gamba Osaka19,258
20017 April1stOsaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka2–1Cerezo Osaka16,003
15 September2ndNagai StadiumCerezo Osaka2–1Gamba Osaka19,258
Not contested in 2002, as Cerezo relegated to J2
200313 JulyJ11stOsaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka0–2Cerezo Osaka12,362
19 October2ndNagai StadiumCerezo Osaka0–2Gamba Osaka20,200
200416 June1stNagai StadiumCerezo Osaka0–1Gamba Osaka17,108
2 October2ndOsaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka7–1Cerezo Osaka11,472
200514 MayR12Nagai StadiumCerezo Osaka2–4Gamba Osaka42,053
23 JulyR18Osaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka4–1Cerezo Osaka22,232
200612 MarchR2Nagai StadiumCerezo Osaka1–6Gamba Osaka30,561
9 SeptemberR22Osaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka3–1Cerezo Osaka20,463
Not contested in 2007–2009, as Cerezo relegated to J2
201014 MarchJ1R2Nagai StadiumCerezo Osaka1–1Gamba Osaka37,860
18 SeptemberR23Osaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka3–2Cerezo Osaka20,973
201114 MarchR1Osaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka2–1Cerezo Osaka20,055
13 AugustR21Nagai StadiumCerezo Osaka 1–1 Gamba Osaka 37,172
201217 MarchR2Nagai StadiumCerezo Osaka2–1Gamba Osaka30,764
11 AugustR21Osaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka 2–2 Cerezo Osaka 18,578
Not contested in 2013, as Gamba relegated to J2
201412 AprilJ1R7Nagai StadiumCerezo Osaka0–0Gamba Osaka42,723
20 SeptemberR24Osaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka2–0Cerezo Osaka19,569

Other tournaments

J. League Cup

20038 MarchGroup stageOsaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka1–0Cerezo Osaka10,169
23 AprilNagai StadiumCerezo Osaka2–2Gamba Osaka6,597
20056 AugustQuarter-finalNagai StadiumCerezo Osaka0–3Gamba Osaka12,863
13 AugustOsaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka2–2Cerezo Osaka11,155

Emperor's Cup

200320 December4th roundEhime Prefectural General Athletic Park StadiumCerezo Osaka3–2Gamba Osaka5,120
200524 DecemberQuarter-finalNagai StadiumCerezo Osaka3–1Gamba Osaka15,329
201223 DecemberQuarter-finalNagai StadiumCerezo Osaka1–2 (aet)Gamba Osaka21,407

AFC Champions League

201122 MayRound of 16Osaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka0–1Cerezo Osaka16,463

Pre-season matches

4 March 1995Osaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka0–3Cerezo Osaka13,439
2 March 1996Nagai Ball Gall FieldCerezo Osaka1–1Gamba Osaka8,325
1 March 1997Osaka Expo '70 StadiumGamba Osaka2–2Cerezo Osaka3,645
22 February 2009Nagai StadiumCerezo Osaka1–0Gamba Osaka16,602


Highest Attendance


Lowest Attendance


Hat tricks

Gamba Osaka
Cerezo Osaka

Players who have played for both clubs


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