Persecution of Muslims by Meccans

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In the early days of Islam at Mecca, the new Muslims were often subjected to abuse and persecution.


Sumayyah bint Khabbab, and her husband Yasir were tortured to death by Abu Jahl.[1][2]

Muhammad was protected somewhat by the influence of his family, but even he was subjected to such abuse as having the entrails of a camel thrown on him by Abu Lahab, while he was praying near the Kaaba, and Abu Lahab's wife Umm Jamil would regularly dump filth outside his door.[3]

Migration age

7 BH (614615 CE)

6 BH (615616 CE)

In 6 BH (616 CE) almost one hundred Muslims made a second migration back to Abyssinia where they stayed protected. After the Muslims in Arabia had migrated to Medina in AH 7 (628/629) and attained security, the Muslims in Abyssinia migrated back to Arabia and reunited with them in Medina [4] after six years absence.

5 BH (616617 CE)

The Meccan boycott of the Hashemites by the Quraish was proclaimed in 617.

3 BH (618619 CE)

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2 BH (619620 CE)

Post Migration age and response

Invasion of Safwan

Main article: Invasion of Safwan

Muhammad ordered an attack to pursue Kurz bin Jabir Al-Fihri.

Invasion of Sawiq

Main article: Invasion of Sawiq

Muhammad ordered Muslims to pursue Abu Sufyan for killing 2 Muslims and burning a corn field[3]

List of Specific Recorded Instances

Slaves who were Muslims



Free Muslims


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