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County-level city

Location of the city

Coordinates: 44°25′N 126°57′E / 44.417°N 126.950°E / 44.417; 126.950
Country People's Republic of China
Province Jilin
Prefecture-level city Jilin City
City Seat Baiqi (白旗镇)
Elevation 234 m (768 ft)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Shulan (simplified Chinese: 舒兰; traditional Chinese: 舒蘭; pinyin: Shūlán) is a city in northern Jilin province, Northeast China. It falls under the administration of Jilin City, 71 kilometres (44 mi) to the south-southwest.


Shulan's historical sites include the tombs of Wanyan Xiyin, the erstwhile "Chief Shaman" of the Jurchens and, later, the chief minister of the early Jin Empire, and his family members. Since 1961, they have been listed on the provincial register of the protected historical sites.[1]

During the Qing Dynasty, the so-called Outer Willow Palisade, separating the Mongolian and Manchurian lands to the west and east respectively, ended near the town of Fate (法特) within today's Shulan.[2]

Administrative Divisions[3]





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Coordinates: 44°25′N 126°57′E / 44.417°N 126.950°E / 44.417; 126.950

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