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Thakur or Thakore (Sanskrit: ठक्कुर) is a feudal title and a surname used by various communities in India and Nepal. The word Thakur means lord, god or master,[1][2] It is derived from the Sanskrit word thākura meaning deity, idol, chief or man of rank.[3][4] Hindu god, Dharma Thakur is worshipped in the Rarh region folklore.[5][6] The title was used by rulers of several princely states including Ambliara, Vala, Morbi, and Varsoda.

In the zamindari system, Brahmins & Rajput Thakurs were landlords who used to collect revenue in their jagir (feudatory estate).[7] As Thakurs were a royal sub-caste of Rajputs, the Central-Eastern part of Northern India comprising Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and eastern Bihar choose to resemble Thakur as their caste.

The title had a loftier compound variant: Thakur Sahib.

A Thakur's (e)state, called Thakorate,[8] reached salute state rank in the British Empire of India. The Thakore Sahib of Dhrol,[9] Thakore Sahib of Limbdi,[10] Thakore Sahib of Palitana and Thakore Sahib of Rajkot[11] were recognised with hereditary 9-guns salutes. While the Thakur Shaib of Gondal had an 11-guns salute.

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