Trophée des Grimpeurs

Trophée des Grimpeurs
Race details
Date April–May
Region Val-d'Oise, France
English name Trophy of the Climbers
Local name(s) Trophée des Grimpeurs (French)
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI Europe Tour
French road cycling cup
Type Single-day
Organiser Routes et Cycles Organisation
Race director Hervé Gérardin
First edition 1913 (1913)
Editions 83
Final edition 2009
First winner  Georges Fusier (FRA)
Most wins 3 wins
 Didier Rous (FRA)
 Pierre Bachellerie (FRA)
Final winner  Thomas Voeckler (FRA)

The Trophée des Grimpeurs, called Polymultipliée until 1970, was a single-day road bicycle race held annually in August in the region of Val-d'Oise, France, between Argenteuil and Sannois. Between 1980 and 2002 it was a criterium. Since 2005, the race was organized as a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour, also being part of the Coupe de France de cyclisme sur route. In 2009 the race was last held, due to financial difficulties.

Since 2000, there has been a women's event. In 2009 it was won by Jeannie Longo.[1]

Winners, Men's

Rider Team
1913 France Fusier, GeorgesGeorges Fusier (FRA) individual
1914 France Christophe, EugeneEugène Christophe (FRA) Peugeot-Wolber
No race
1921 France Habert, GeorgesGeorges Habert (FRA) individual
1922 France Canteloube, FernandFernand Canteloube (FRA) Thomann-Dunlop
1923 France Lacquehay, CharlesCharles Lacquehay (FRA) JB Louvet-Soly-Dunlop
1924 France Bachellerie, PierrePierre Bachellerie (FRA) Alcyon-Dunlop
1925 France Davoine, GeorgesGeorges Davoine (FRA) individual
1926 France Bachellerie, PierrePierre Bachellerie (FRA) Alcyon-Dunlop
1927 France Bachellerie, PierrePierre Bachellerie (FRA) Alcyon-Dunlop
1928 France Normand, JosephJoseph Normand (FRA) individual
1929 France Normand, JosephJoseph Normand (FRA) individual
1930 France Faure, EugeneEugène Fauré (FRA) individual
1931 France Mazeyrat, MarcelMarcel Mazeyrat (FRA) Chemineau-Wolber
1932 France Fichot, LeonLéon Fichot (FRA) individual
1933 France Montpied, JeanJean Montpied (FRA) individual
1934 France Mazeyrat, MarcelMarcel Mazeyrat (FRA) individual
1935 France Level, LeonLéon Level (FRA) Helyett-Hutchinson
1936 France Auville, AndreAndré Auville (FRA) Labor-Dunlop
1937 France Thietard, LouisLouis Thiétard (FRA) Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson
1938 France Vietto, ReneRené Vietto (FRA) Helyett-Hutchinson
1939 France Le Guevel, LucienLucien Le Guével (FRA) Peugeot-Dunlop
1940 No race
1941 France Goasmat, Jean-MarieJean-Marie Goasmat (FRA) Helyett-Hutchinson
1942 France Goasmat, Jean-MarieJean-Marie Goasmat (FRA) Mercier-Hutchinson
1943 France Rolland, AmedeeAmédée Rolland (FRA) Mercier-Hutchinson
1944 France Grimbert, GastonGaston Grimbert (FRA) Erka-Dunlop
1945 No race
1946 France Baratin, PierrePierre Baratin (FRA) Follis-Dunlop
1947 France Blanc, JeanJean Blanc (FRA) Metropole-Dunlop
1948 France Baratin, PierrePierre Baratin (FRA) Rhonson-Dunlop
1949 France Lazarides, ApoApo Lazarides (FRA) France Sport-Dunlop
1950 France Geminiani, RaphaelRaphaël Géminiani (FRA) Metropole-Dunlop
1951 France Geminiani, RaphaelRaphaël Géminiani (FRA) Metropole-Dunlop
1952 France Robic, JeanJean Robic (FRA) Colomb-Dunlop
1953 France Canavese, AntoninAntonin Canavèse (FRA) Vietto-Alessandro
1954 Belgium Van Genechten, RichardRichard Van Genechten (BEL) Bertin-d'Alessandro
1955 France Huot, ValentinValentin Huot (FRA) Rochet-Dunlop
1956 Belgium Van Genechten, RichardRichard Van Genechten (BEL) Elvé-Peugeot
1957 France Bergaud, LouisLouis Bergaud (FRA) Saint-Raphael-R. Geminiani
1958 France Bergaud, LouisLouis Bergaud (FRA) Saint-Raphael-R. Geminiani
1959 France Pavard, ReneRené Pavard (FRA) Helyett-Fynsec
1960 Belgium Vanderveken, ReneRené Vanderveken (BEL) Peugeot-BP-Dunlop
1961 France Bihouee, EdouardEdouard Bihouée (FRA) Mercier-BP-Hutchinson
1962 France Rostollan, LouisLouis Rostollan (FRA) Saint-Raphael-Helyett
1963 No race
1964 France Le Dissez, AndreAndré Le Dissez (FRA) Mercier-BP-Hutchinson
1965 No race
1966 No race
1967 Spain Jimenez, JulioJulio Jiménez (ESP) Bic
1968 France Jourden, JeanJean Jourden (FRA) Frimatic-Viva-De Gribaldy
1969 France Delisle, RaymondRaymond Delisle (FRA) Peugeot-BP-Michelin
1970 France Aimar, LucienLucien Aimar (FRA) Sonolor-Lejeune
1971 No race
1972 Netherlands Zoetemelk, JoopJoop Zoetemelk (NED) Flandria-Beaulieu
1973 Spain Ocana, LuisLuis Ocaña (ESP) Bic
1974 No race
1975 France Gutierrez, AntoineAntoine Gutierrez (FRA) Alsaver-Jeunet-De Gribaldy
1976 Belgium Van Impe, LucienLucien Van Impe (BEL) Gitane-Campagnolo
1977 France Delisle, RaymondRaymond Delisle (FRA) Miko-Mercier
1978 No race
1979 Netherlands Zoetemelk, JoopJoop Zoetemelk (NED) Miko-Mercier-Vivagel
1980 France Martin, RaymondRaymond Martin (FRA) Miko-Mercier-Vivagel
1981 France Celle, DominiqueDominique Celle (FRA)
1982 France Villemiane, Pierre-RaymondPierre-Raymond Villemiane (FRA) Wolber
1983 Denmark Andersen, KimKim Andersen (DEN) Coop-Mercier
1984 France Madiot, MarcMarc Madiot (FRA) Renault-Elf
1985 France Gayant, MartialMartial Gayant (FRA) Renault-Elf
1986 France Caritoux, EricEric Caritoux (FRA) Fagor
1987 France Berard, CharlesCharles Bérard (FRA) Toshiba-Look
1988 Belgium Morjean, StephaneStéphane Morjean (BEL) Hitachi-Bosal
1989 France Abadie, HenriHenri Abadie (FRA) Z-Peugeot
1990 Belgium Roosen, LucLuc Roosen (BEL) Histor-Sigma
1991 Norway Kvalsvoll, AtleAtle Kvalsvoll (NOR) Z
1992 France Madiot, MarcMarc Madiot (FRA) Telekom
1993 France Claveyrolat, ThierryThierry Claveyrolat (FRA) Gan
1994 France Virenque, RichardRichard Virenque (FRA) Festina-Lotus
1995 France Las Cuevas, Armand deArmand de Las Cuevas (FRA) Castorama
1996 France Heulot, StephaneStéphane Heulot (FRA) Gan
1997 Italy Rebellin, DavideDavide Rebellin (ITA) Française des Jeux
1998 France Herve, PascalPascal Hervé (FRA) Festina-Lotus
1999 France Roux, LaurentLaurent Roux (FRA) Casino
2000 France Halgand, PatricePatrice Halgand (FRA) Jean Delatour
2001 France Rous, DidierDidier Rous (FRA) Bonjour
2002 France Chavanel, SylvainSylvain Chavanel (FRA) Bonjour
2003 France Rous, DidierDidier Rous (FRA) Brioches La Boulangère
2004 France Moreau, ChristopheChristophe Moreau (FRA) Crédit Agricole
2005 Belgium Gilbert, PhilippePhilippe Gilbert (BEL) La Française des Jeux
2006 France Rous, DidierDidier Rous (FRA) Bouygues Telecom
2007 France Geslin, AnthonyAnthony Geslin (FRA) Bouygues Telecom
2008 France Lelay, DavidDavid Lelay (FRA) Bretagne-Armor Lux
2009 France Voeckler, ThomasThomas Voeckler (FRA) Bbox Bouygues Telecom

Winners, Women's

Rider Team
2009 France Longo, JeannieJeannie Longo (FRA)


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