A still from the movie
Directed by Priyadarshan
Produced by Suresh Kumar
Written by Priyadarshan
Siby K. Thomas
Starring Dileep
Bhavna Pani
Kalabhavan Mani
Music by

Berny Ignatius

Rajeev Alunkal(lyrics)
Cinematography Ekambaram
Edited by N. Gopalakrishnan
Arun Kumar
Distributed by Aroma Movies & PJ Entertainments
Release dates
  • 20 August 2004 (2004-08-20)
Country India
Language Malayalam

Vettam (Malayalam: വെട്ടം, English: Light) is a 2004 Malayalam romantic comedy film directed by Priyadarshan starring Dileep and Bhavna Pani.

The starting of the plot is based on the 1995 American film French Kiss which had already been adapted in 1998 in Hindi as Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha. The comedy scenes of this movie were later adapted by the director for his 2009 Hindi movie De Dana Dan.


A police officer (Radha Ravi) is on Gopi (Dileep) trail. Gopi is a petty thief and he had stolen a precious chain and is on the run. While on the run Gopi meets Veena (Bhavna Pani). Veena is on her way to break the marriage of her lover to a tycoon's daughter. Due to a certain circumstance Gopi has to hide the chain in Veena's bag but later discovers that it is missing. Gopi suspects that the chain is still with Veena and so he accompanies her in her journey.

Their journey comes to a halt when Gopi is forced to jump off the train, because of Veena. Veena had gone to get some water and she missed the train. Veena realises that place was Gopi's hometown. When Gopi's sister (Sona Nair) realises that he was in town, she comes and informs him that his younger sister's marriage is fixed. Veena's opinion of Gopi changes when she realised the reason why he was a thief. Gopi calls off his younger sister's marriage when he realised that there was a catch in it. Gopi promises that he will find a better groom for his sister and he just needs more time. Gopi realises that Veena didn't have the chain with her at all.

In order to fulfill his promises, Gopi sets off to find some money to fund his sister's wedding and to regain all the lost family properties. Veena proposes a bargain and Gopi, once again, sets off with Veena in order fulfill Veena's wishes of marrying her lover. At the same time, Mani (Kalabhavan Mani) runs away with his lover and all of them meet up.Both Veena and Gopi stay at the hotel in Ooty where Veena's lover Felix is staying and plans to get engaged. Then there is series of funny events among the other guests of the hotel. Gopi talks to Felix about Veena and how much she loves him. He promises Felix a large sum of money which he will pay off from the necklace's price. He does not reveal this to Veena. He develops feelings of love for her, but does not express them to her. Veena comes to know of Gopi's sacrifice for her despite having his own big problems. Veena calls off her wedding with Felix as she realises that he only longs for riches and money and does not love her. Gopi proposes to her and she agrees. Both set off to start a new journey of their life.[1]



The songs of the film is composed by Berny Ignatius. Lyrics are written by Rajiv Alunkal, B. R. Prasad and Nadirsha.

Soundtrack album by Berny Ignatius
Recorded 2004
Genre Film Soundtrack
Language Malayalam
Berny Ignatius chronology
C. I. Mahadevan 5 Adi 4 Inchu
1."Oru Kathilola"  M. G. Sreekumar, Sujatha Mohan5:49
2."Illathe Kalyanathinu"  M. G. Sreekumar, Sujatha Mohan4:39
3."I Love You December"  Jyotsna Radhakrishnan, M. G. Sreekumar, Sayanora Philip4:41
4."Mazhathullikal"  M. G. Sreekumar4:41
5."Makkasai Makkasai"  M. G. Sreekumar, Nadirsha 
6."Illathe Kalyanathinu (Female)"  Sujatha Mohan4:39
7."Mazhathullikal (F)"  K. S. Chitra5:49



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