WK League

WK League
Country South Korea Korea Republic
Confederation AFC
Founded 2009
Number of teams 7
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to none
Current champions Incheon Hyundai Steel Red Angels
Most championships Incheon Hyundai Steel Red Angels (4)
TV partners KBS N Sports
Website Official Website
2016 WK League

The WK League (Hangul:WK리그) is the top level women's football league in South Korea. It is run by Korea Women's Football League since the 2009 season.[1]

Strictly, first season of WK League was 2008, but 2008 season was run as exhibition league. League's teams are expanded eight teams from 2011 season.


The seven teams in the league play each other four times, twice at home and twice away. The games are played on Monday and Thursday evenings. The regular season comes to an end when each team have played 24 games in total. The second and third placed teams will then face each other in a one-game play-off with the winner facing the first placed team in a two-game season final. The winner of this final is crowned the WK-League champions.

The WK-League is the only professional women's league in the country and as such there is no relegation system in place.

Members (2016)

Location of teams in 2016 WK League

Daejoen and Jeonbuk joined the league in 2011, the other teams were founding members in 2009.

Grand finals

The following is a list of all season's grand finals. Those were played over two legs. There is no away goal rule.

Season Champion Aggregate score Runner-up Leg 1 Leg 2
2009 Goyang Daekyo KangaroosR 2–0 Incheon Hyundai Steel Red Angels 1–0 1–0
2010 Suwon Facilities Management Corporation 2–1 Incheon Hyundai Steel Red AngelsR 0–1 2–0
2011 Goyang Daekyo NoonnoppiR 5–3 Incheon Hyundai Steel Red Angels 2–2 3–1
2012 Goyang Daekyo NoonnoppiR 3–2 Incheon Hyundai Steel Red Angels 0–1 3–1
2013 Incheon Hyundai Steel Red AngelsR 4–2 Seoul 1–1 3–1
2014 Incheon Hyundai Steel Red AngelsR 1–0 Goyang Daekyo Noonnoppi 1–0 0–0
2015 Incheon Hyundai Steel Red AngelsR 1–1 (pen) Icheon Daekyo 0–0 1–1
2016 Incheon Hyundai Steel Red AngelsR 4–0 Icheon Daekyo 0–0 4–0

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