Withlacoochee River (Suwannee River)

This article is about the northern Withlacoochee River. For the southern river, see Withlacoochee River (Florida).

The Withlacoochee River originates in Georgia, northwest of Nashville, Georgia. It flows south through Berrien County where it joins the New River and forms part of the boundary between Berrien and Cook counties. It then flows south into Lowndes County, Georgia. At Troupville, Georgia the Little River joins the Withlacoochee River flows continues to flow south and forms part of the boundary between Lowndes and Brooks counties in Georgia. The river then flows into Florida for 1.34 miles Florida before returning into Georgia for an additional 2.44 miles. It then returns to Florida, forming the northeast boundary of Madison County, Florida and the western boundary of Hamilton County, Florida and eventually merges with the Suwannee at Suwannee River State Park west of Live Oak. The river is 115 miles (185 km) long.[1] It is believed to be the source for the name of the central Florida river of the same name.


The Withlacoochee River received its name from the Muskogean peoples who inhabited South Georgia. It comes from the compound Creek word ue-rakkuce [IPA: wiɬakːut͡ʃi], from ue "water", rakko "big", and -uce "small", with the rough translation "little river."[2][3] English speakers then changed the Muskogee voiceless lateral spelled r to "thl".


Crossing Carries Image Location ID number Coordinates
SP4 Derrell Danforth Bridge SR 354 Lenox, Georgia to Alapaha, Georgia 31°19′21″N 83°17′51″W / 31.322594°N 83.297435°W / 31.322594; -83.297435
SR 125 Tifton, Georgia to Nashville, Georgia 31°12′54″N 83°16′09″W / 31.215092°N 83.269252°W / 31.215092; -83.269252
Georgia and Florida Railroad (Abandoned 1967)
Line was formerly known as the Nashville and Sparks Railroad
31°12′20″N 83°16′22″W / 31.205501°N 83.272724°W / 31.205501; -83.272724
POW Fred L. Belcher Bridge SR 76 Adel, Georgia to Nashville, Georgia 31°11′50″N 83°16′18″W / 31.197289°N 83.271790°W / 31.197289; -83.271790
Shellie W. Parrish Memorial Bridge
aka Williams Bridge
SR 37
Adel, Georgia to Ray City, Georgia 31°07′13″N 83°19′17″W / 31.120233°N 83.321272°W / 31.120233; -83.321272
Old Lois Road (Closed) 31°07′58″N 83°18′45″W / 31.132777°N 83.312516°W / 31.132777; -83.312516
Futchs Bridge/Ferry Coffee Road 31°05′46″N 83°19′00″W / 31.096088°N 83.316711°W / 31.096088; -83.316711
Hagan Bridge SR 122 Hahira, Georgia to Lakeland, Georgia 31°00′50″N 83°18′06″W / 31.013867°N 83.301798°W / 31.013867; -83.301798
Tyler Bridge Franklinville Road (Closed) 30°58′53″N 83°16′04″W / 30.981372°N 83.267727°W / 30.981372; -83.267727
Reed Road (Defunct) 30°57′25″N 83°16′11″W / 30.957000°N 83.269800°W / 30.957000; -83.269800
Skipper Bridge Skipper Bridge Road 30°56′57″N 83°16′19″W / 30.949038°N 83.271902°W / 30.949038; -83.271902
Staten Road Bridge Staten Road 30°55′59″N 83°17′20″W / 30.932936°N 83.289006°W / 30.932936; -83.289006
Fender Bridge Staten Road (Defunct since before 1990s) 30°55′59″N 83°17′21″W / 30.933004°N 83.289189°W / 30.933004; -83.289189
Double Bridges US 41
SR 7
Valdosta, Georgia 30°53′34″N 83°19′08″W / 30.892708°N 83.318815°W / 30.892708; -83.318815
Norfolk Southern Railway
Line formerly known as Georgia Southern and Florida Railway
Valdosta, Georgia 30°51′48″N 83°19′18″W / 30.863285°N 83.321587°W / 30.863285; -83.321587
Interstate 75 Troupville, Georgia 30°51′18″N 83°20′04″W / 30.855028°N 83.334319°W / 30.855028; -83.334319
SR 133 Troupville, Georgia 30°51′00″N 83°20′22″W / 30.849994°N 83.339580°W / 30.849994; -83.339580
Valdosta, Moultrie and Western Railroad (Closed 1923, now defunct) 30°50′28″N 83°21′12″W / 30.841114°N 83.353470°W / 30.841114; -83.353470
US 84/221
SR 38
Ousley, Georgia to Quitman, Georgia 30°47′37″N 83°27′13″W / 30.793568°N 83.453476°W / 30.793568; -83.453476
CSX Transportation
Line was formerly known as the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad
30°47′34″N 83°27′12″W / 30.792882°N 83.453391°W / 30.792882; -83.453391
Spook Bridge Old Quitman Highway (Closed) Blue Springs, Georgia 30°47′23″N 83°27′06″W / 30.789828°N 83.451651°W / 30.789828; -83.451651
Spains Bridge/Ferry Historically Spains Ferry Road (Defunct) Spains Ferry 30°44′57″N 83°28′57″W / 30.749137°N 83.482455°W / 30.749137; -83.482455
Knights Bridge/Ferry Historically Knights Ferry Road (Defunct) Knights Ferry 30°42′40″N 83°27′17″W / 30.711146°N 83.454755°W / 30.711146; -83.454755
Rocky Ford Bridge Rocky Ford Road/Clyattville-Nankin Road Rocky Ford 30°40′30″N 83°23′40″W / 30.674944°N 83.394416°W / 30.674944; -83.394416
Valdosta Railway (Closed 1973) 30°38′12″N 83°21′02″W / 30.636634°N 83.350468°W / 30.636634; -83.350468
Horns Ferry Bridge SR 31 Clyattville, Georgia to Pinetta, Florida 30°38′07″N 83°18′42″W / 30.635379°N 83.311598°W / 30.635379; -83.311598
Old Horns Ferry Bridge (Built 1895, closed 1940, defunct) Clyattville, Georgia to Pinetta, Florida 30°38′07″N 83°18′35″W / 30.635298°N 83.309595°W / 30.635298; -83.309595
SR 150 Bellville, Florida 30°35′48″N 83°15′35″W / 30.596707°N 83.259861°W / 30.596707; -83.259861
(Defunct) Bellville, Florida 30°35′45″N 83°15′34″W / 30.595830°N 83.259471°W / 30.595830; -83.259471
(Defunct) Madison Blue Spring State Park 30°28′58″N 83°14′37″W / 30.482897°N 83.243676°W / 30.482897; -83.243676
SR 6 Madison Blue Spring State Park 320016 30°28′56″N 83°14′36″W / 30.482288°N 83.243448°W / 30.482288; -83.243448
West Bridge SR 141 30°24′37″N 83°10′48″W / 30.410215°N 83.179994°W / 30.410215; -83.179994


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