1970 Vuelta a España

1970 Vuelta a España
Race details
Dates 23 April – 12 May
Stages 19
Distance 3,568 km (2,217 mi)
Winning time 89h 57' 12"
Winner  Luis Ocaña (ESP) (Bic)
Second  Augustín Tamames (ESP) (Werner)
Third  Herman Van Springel (BEL) (Mann-Grundig)

Points  Guido Reybroeck (BEL) (Germanwox - Wega)
Mountains  Augustín Tamames (ESP) (Werner)
Combination  Guido Reybroeck (BEL) (Germanwox - Wega)
Sprints  Miguel María Lasa (ESP) (La Casera)

The 1970 Vuelta a España was the 25th Vuelta a España, taking place from April 23 to May 12, 1970. It consisted of 19 stages over 3568 km, ridden at an average speed of 39.85 km/h. The race revealed Augustín Tamames as a contender for the future at the Vuelta as Tamames riding in his first Vuelta held in the final week the race lead until the final individual time trial when Luis Ocaña time trialled himself into the lead. Ocaña had finished runner up in the previous edition of the race and won the two time trials in the 1970 Vuelta. It would be Ocaña’s only win in the Spanish race.


Final General Classification

1 Spain Luis Ocaña Bic89h 57' 12s
2 Spain Augustín Tamames Wernera 1' 18s
3 Belgium Herman Van Springel Mann-Grundiga 1' 27s
4 Spain Jesus Manzaneque Sanchez Wernera 1' 27s
5 Belgium Willy In 't Ven Mann-Grundiga 2' 00s
6 Spain Francisco Galdos Gauna Kas-Kaskola 3' 07s
7 Spain Miguel María Lasa La Casera-Pena Bahamontesa 3' 09s
8 Spain Joaquim Galera La Casera-Pena Bahamontesa 3' 15s
9 Spain Luis Pedro Santamarina Wernera 3' 50s
10 Spain Juan-Manuel Santisteban Karpya 4' 15s
11 Spain Aurelio Gonzalez Puente Kas-Kaskol
12 Spain Ventura Diaz Arrey Werner
13 Spain Eduardo Castello Villanova Karpy
14 Spain Jose Manuel Lasa Orguia La Casera-Pena Bahamontes
15 Spain Andres Gandarias Albizu Kas-Kaskol
16 Spain José Manuel Fuente Karpy
17 Spain Vicente Lopez-Carril Kas-Kaskol
18 Spain Luis Balague Carreno Werner
19 Belgium Andre Poppe Mann-Grundig
20 Netherlands René Pijnen Willem II - Gazelle
21 Spain Jose Albelda Tormo Karpy
22 Spain Francisco Gabica Billa Kas-Kaskol
23 Spain Antonio Gomez Del Moral Kas-Kaskol
24 Spain Carlos Echevarria Zudaire Kas-Kaskol
25 Spain Angel Barrigon Argumusa Karpy

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