2001 Vuelta a España

2001 Vuelta a España
Race details
Dates 8–30 September
Stages 21
Distance 3,012 km (1,872 mi)
Winning time 70h 49' 05
Winner  Ángel Casero (ESP) (Festina)
Second  Óscar Sevilla (ESP) (Kelme–Costa Blanca)
Third  Levi Leipheimer (USA) (U.S. Postal Service)

Points  José María Jiménez (ESP) (iBanesto.com)
Mountains  José María Jiménez (ESP) (iBanesto.com)
Team iBanesto.com

The 56th Vuelta a España (Tour of Spain), a long-distance stage race and one of the 3 Grand Tours, was held from September 8 to September 30, 2001. It consisted of 21 stages covering a total of 3,012 km, and was won by Ángel Casero of the Festina cycling team at a speed of 42.534 km/h.

This edition of the Vuelta was notable for its final-stage time trial, during which Casero overcame a 25-second lead held by Óscar Sevilla of Kelme–Costa Blanca to win, while American Levi Leipheimer of U.S. Postal Service managed to move past both teammate Roberto Heras and Juan Miguel Mercado to take third and become the first American ever to achieve a podium finish in the Vuelta. Additionally, Guido Trenti became the first American ever to win a stage in the race.

General classification (final)

1  Ángel Casero (ESP) Festina 70:49:05
2  Óscar Sevilla (ESP) Kelme–Costa Blanca 0:47
3  Levi Leipheimer (USA) U.S. Postal Service 2:59
4  Roberto Heras (ESP) U.S. Postal Service 3:56
5  Juan Miguel Mercado (ESP) iBanesto.com 5:45
6  David Plaza (ESP) Festina 5:53
7  José Luis Rubiera (ESP) U.S. Postal Service 6:57
8  Claus Møller (DEN) Milaneza-MSS 7:13
9  Aitor Osa (ESP) iBanesto.com 8:32
10  Fernando Escartín (ESP) Team Coast 10:31
11  Iban Mayo (ESP) Euskaltel–Euskadi 12:58
12  Roberto Laiseka (ESP) Euskaltel–Euskadi 13:32
13  Iñigo Cuesta (ESP) Cofidis 14:00
14  Luis Pérez Rodríguez (ESP) Festina 20:07
15  Félix García Casas (ESP) Festina 21:01
16  Tomáš Konečný (CZE) Domo–Farm Frites–Latexco 23:32
17  José María Jiménez (ESP) iBanesto.com 24:23
18  Santiago Botero (COL) Kelme–Costa Blanca 25:01
19  Manuel Beltrán (ESP) Mapei–Quick-Step 27:14
20  Franco Pellizotti (ITA) Alessio 27:58
21  Santiago Blanco (ESP) iBanesto.com 28:56
22  Unai Osa (ESP) iBanesto.com 33:30
23  Roberto Conti (ITA) Cantina Tollo–Acqua e Sapone 34:03
24  Richard Virenque (FRA) Domo–Farm Frites–Latexco 38:45
25  Mikel Zarrabeitia (ESP) ONCE–Eroski 39:04

Jersey progress

Stage Winner General classification
Points Classification
Mountains Classification
Team Classification
David Millar David Millar David Millar David Millar Kelme–Costa Blanca
2 Erik Zabel
3 Erik Zabel Erik Zabel
4 Erik Zabel Santiago Botero Karsten Kroon Mapei–Quick-Step
5 Juan Miguel Mercado Óscar Sevilla Juan Miguel Mercado iBanesto.com
6 David Millar
Santiago Botero Santiago Botero Kelme–Costa Blanca
8 José María Jiménez Joseba Beloki Festina
9 Igor González de Galdeano
10 Santiago Blanco iBanesto.com
11 José María Jiménez Óscar Sevilla José María Jiménez
12 José María Jiménez José María Jiménez
13 Beat Zberg
14 Juan Manuel Gárate
15 Claus Michael Møller
16 Tomáš Konečný
17 Robert Hunter
18 Filippo Simeoni Erik Zabel
19 Guido Trenti
20 Gilberto Simoni José María Jiménez
Santiago Botero Ángel Casero

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