1998 Vuelta a España

1998 Vuelta a España
Race details
Dates 6 - 27 September
Stages 22
Distance 3,774 km (2,345 mi)
Winning time 93h 44' 08"
Winner  Abraham Olano (ESP) (Banesto)
Second  Fernando Escartín (ESP) (Kelme–Costa Blanca)
Third  José María Jiménez (ESP) (Banesto)

Points  Fabrizio Guidi (ITA) (Team Polti)
Mountains  José María Jiménez (ESP) (Banesto)
Sprints  Giancarlo Raimondi (ITA) (Brescialat - Liquigas)
Team Banesto

The 53rd edition of the Vuelta a España was held 5 to 27 September 1998 and began in Córdoba and ended in Madrid. The 1998 Vuelta had 22 stages over 3,774 km with the winning average speed of 40.262 km/h. Spaniard Abraham Olano took the leader's jersey after the first individual time trial with 41 seconds over Frenchman Laurent Jalabert.[1] Olano's lead in the mountains decreased each stage where teammate José María Jiménez marked Olano's rivals and took several stage wins in the process until Jiminez took the jersey from Olano on the final mountain stage to Alto de Navacerrada with Olano in third place at 38 seconds.[2] On the following day's individual time trial, Olano took back the lead to win the only grand tour of his career.[3][4]

The race also saw the comeback of Lance Armstrong after he was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer in 1996. Armstrong's fourth-place finish was stripped by USADA in 2012 due to doping.[5]

Participating teams

Team Team leader
Festina–Lotus Alex Zülle
Avianca-Telecom José Castelblanco
Banesto Abraham Olano
Brescialat–Liquigas Mariano Piccoli
Cantina Tollo–Alexia Alluminio Serguei Gontchar
Casino–Ag2r Arturas Kasputis
Cofidis Maurizio Fondriest
Crédit Agricole Chris Boardman
Estepona-Brepac Eleuterio Anguita
Euskaltel–Euskadi Igor González de Galdeano
Kelme–Costa Blanca Fernando Escartín
Team Team leader
Lotto–Mobistar Andrei Tchmil
Mapei–Bricobi Frank Vandenbroucke
ONCE Laurent Jalabert
Team Polti Giuseppe Guerini
Post Swiss Team Niki Aebersold
Rabobank Michael Boogerd
Saeco Macchine per Caffè Dario Frigo
Team Telekom Andreas Klöden
TVM–Farm Frites Jeroen Blijlevens
U.S. Postal Service Lance Armstrong
Vitalicio Seguros Ángel Casero


Stage Date Course Distance Winner GC Leader
1 5 September Córdoba 161,7 Markus Zberg Switzerland Markus Zberg Switzerland
2 6 September Córdoba-Cádiz 234,6 Jeroen Blijlevens Netherlands Markus Zberg Switzerland
3 7 September Cádiz-Estepona 192,6 Jaan Kirsipuu Estonia Laurent Jalabert France
4 8 September Málaga-Granada 173,5 Fabrizio Guidi Italy Fabrizio Guidi Italy
5 9 September Olula del Río-Murcia 165,5 Jeroen Blijlevens Netherlands Fabrizio Guidi Italy
6 10 September Murcia-Xorret de Catí 201,5 José María Jiménez Spain José María Jiménez Spain
7 11 September Alicante-Valencia 185 Giovanni Lombardi Italy José María Jiménez Spain
8 12 September Palma de Mallorca 181,5 Fabrizio Guidi Italy José María Jiménez Spain
9 13 September Alcudia 39,5 (ITT) Abraham Olano Spain Abraham Olano Spain
10 15 September Vic-Estación de Pal (Andorra) 199,3 José María Jiménez Spain Abraham Olano Spain
11 16 September Andorra-Cerler 186 José María Jiménez Spain Abraham Olano Spain
12 17 September Benasque-Jaca 187 Gianni Bugno Italy Abraham Olano Spain
13 18 September Sabiñánigo 208,5 Andrei Zintchenko Russia Abraham Olano Spain
14 19 September Biescas-Zaragoza 155,5 Marcel Wüst Germany Abraham Olano Spain
15 20 September Zaragoza-Soria 178,7 Andrei Zintchenko Russia Abraham Olano Spain
16 21 September Soria-Laguna Negra de Neila 143,7 José María Jiménez Spain Abraham Olano Spain
17 22 September Burgos-León 188,5 Marcel Wüst Germany Abraham Olano Spain
18 23 September León-Salamanca 223 Fabrizio Guidi Italy Abraham Olano Spain
19 24 September Ávila-Segovia 170,4 Roberto Heras Spain Abraham Olano Spain
20 25 September Segovia-Alto de Navacerrada 206 Andrei Zintchenko Russia José María Jiménez Spain
21 26 September Fuenlabrada 39 (ITT) Alex Zülle Switzerland Abraham Olano Spain
22 27 September Madrid 163 Markus Zberg Switzerland Abraham Olano Spain


General classification
1. Abraham Olano  Spain BAN 93h 44' 08s
2. Fernando Escartín  Spain KEL a 1' 23s
3. José María Jiménez  Spain BAN a 2' 12s
DSQ Lance Armstrong  United States USP a 2' 18s
5. Laurent Jalabert  France ONC a 2' 37s
6. Roberto Heras  Spain KEL a 2' 58s
7. Álvaro González de Galdeano  Spain EUS a 5' 51s
8. Alex Zülle   Switzerland FES a 6' 05s
9. Marco Serpellini  Italy BRE a 8' 58s
10. Marcos Serrano  Spain KEL a 10' 17s
Points classification
1. Fabrizio Guidi  Italy POL 206 points
2. Laurent Jalabert  France ONC 158 points
3. José María Jiménez  Spain BAN 127 points
Mountains classification
1. José María Jiménez  Spain BAN 184 points
2. Laurent Jalabert  France ONC 93 points
3. Fernando Escartín  Spain KEL 92 points
Intermediate sprints classification
1. Giancarlo Raimondi  Italy BRE 53 points
Team classification
1. Banesto  Spain BAN 281h 14' 43s
2. Kelme - Costa Blanca  Spain KEL a 8' 58s
3. Festina - Lotus  France FES a 28' 59s


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